This is stupid good in Anarch. Most of their faction Id's have been treated as plug and play for a while now, save for a tech choice or two (Excluding Noise.) Now you can start a game as Reina, Quetzal, Valencia, or even MaxX and then transition to Whizzard or Edward Kim as the game goes on. As for other factions, I think Criminal is going to be the faction where Rebirth is used most. The Professor might use this to transition to either Kit, Kate, Chaos Theory, or Nasir, but I'm not holding my breath.

My thoughts... Reina for early taxing on rezzing, then once they are up, Whiz or Kim for trashing depending on what they are focused on... —

I'm sure everyone here has looked at Qianju PT and decided that it really isn't worth the deck slot, but I advise that criminals specifically take another look. First off it is cheaper than Plascrete Carapace by one credit, and that one credit can mean a lot with Andy setup. Second is that it pays for itself after one Account Siphon, and is an economy boost after 2 tags removed. All you need to do with this card is prevent 2 tags to get your moneys worth. I'll admit that I was not a fan of Qianju PT until the noob at our game group swapped out a Plascrete Carapace for a Qianju PT and proceeded to mop the floor with all of the players running SEA Source. It's also a good way to deal with Data Raven. We know Feedback Filter and Net Shield have become meta-dependent includes for certain decks. I advise you reconsider Qianju PT because we cannot know its true value until we test it more thoroughly.

It also combines extremely well with Rachel Beckman, if you have the econ to get both down. 4 clicks and invulnerable to 1 tag per turn is pretty game-changing in a lot of matchups. —
It combines well with Adjusted Prototype + Joshua B to get an extra click. —

And here we are with traffic jam, a terrific Weyland card that will never see play in Weyland. This right here is your replacement card for scorched earth in Midseason NBN decks. The extra 9 influence will be greatly appreciated I'm sure. Otherwise this card seems kinda homeless, seeing as that most runners won't allow themselves to accrue 2 tags naturally unless they are desperate enough to account siphon on their forth click. The zero cost for this operation is great and while more than likely you are not going to flatline with traffic accident the potential is there.

Must be comboed with mid-season replacements or the tag cost is too unreliable, but otherwise a solid card.

Box-E has decent MU upgrades, along with a free Public Sympathy tacked on, all for the low low cost of 4 credits and one influence. This card fills a very important niche in Anarch, comboing especially well with Duggar's and our favorite Anarch staple economy card: Stimhack. There are dedicated Anarch decks that would shine with the inclusion of Box-E, Stimhack, and a handful of Same Old Things.

Also all things said by AwkwardPizza are correct.

I have always looked down at Box-E as one of the lesser Criminal Consoles. However recently I have had a change of heart. —
Sorry, failure on the use of netrunnerdb posting functionality. However just as it can be useful in Anarch it can be just as useful when importing those Anarch tools. —