Players trying to use Oaktown Renovation as a money making device might be missing the most effective part of the ability- that it doesn't cost money to advance. This makes it ideally suited in Weyland rush builds, where agendas must be thrown out as soon as possible. How many times have you played a Weyland rush, where the runner forces you to rez remote ICE, and leaves you just a few credits short of advancing out your agenda? In this case, Oaktown is serving two purposes- funding its own advancement, and generating credits in the bank for the next agenda.

An ideal play would be to Install-Advance-Advance, then the next turn Advance-Advance (score)- Install. Bonus points since that install is blank- is it a 3/2 Project Atlas? or just Jackson Howard, ready to power draw for the agendas you don't have yet? Or a Snare! that you can now afford thanks to the 4 credits gain?

As others have noted, the faceup install is almost a trivial downside, since Weyland rarely utilized advanced traps. A supermoderism deck running Midseason Replacements would be well-poised to capitalize on this information and the lure it provides. More bonus points if you I-A-A the agenda, then it is stolen, since you have actually gained money from the action to spend on your midseason.

I for one am looking forward to trying Supermodernism again with this agenda at the helm.

"Bonus points since that install is blank" - you install Oaktown faceup, so runner knows what's there, even without advancemnt tokens. —
@konradh, he is suggestion that you IAA Oaktown, then AA (score) install. The new card is not another oaktown, but one of the options he goes on to mention. —
This is in fact a fantastic rush agenda. It's very easy to drop it on turn 1 or turn 2 and start advancing, even if your opening hand didn't include Hedge Fund. Just having 3x Oaktown in my deck increases the number of acceptable starting hands I can draw, so it's more rare for me to get screwed by taking a mulligan and drawing an even worse hand on the second attempt. —