Resource: Link • Install: 1 • Influence: 0


He flicked the display population to high, and was surrounded by a circle of floating holos. The ping-back was strong, the clearance level blue-one. Now to find the perfect place for a relay…
Neutral • Mike Nesbitt • Core Set 52
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Access to Globalsec
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Link is, sadly, one of the most underused mechanics of the game. Although this may change as the ‘Cloud’ subtype of breakers starts to become more popular, Access to Globalsec is still not going to be the go to choice for runners to find link. It simply is too narrow a card, only providing one benefit for a mechanic that is rarely used. Even if Traces become the most popular thing the corp can use, the other methods that provide Link are still going to be more popular than Access, if just because they generally also offer something else as well (Memory, deck thinning, recurring credits) Sadly this means that Access to Globalsec is likely never to have much of an impact on the meta.

(Written during the meta of Breaker Bay, part of the SanSan Cycle. For more reviews like it, visit

(Breaker Bay era)