Agenda • Adv: 5 • Score: 3

, : Gain 4.

It's really hard to lose a government contract.
Weyland Consortium • Mitchell Malloy • A Study in Static 77
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Government Contracts

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This card sums up Weyland. Score points; make money. Its only drawback is being a 5-advancement requirement. But once scored, it provides near-limitless economy for the rest of the duel, on par with Magnum Opus, even if a bit inflexible. It doesn't provide the burst econ that Hostile Takeover or Geothermal Fracking does, but it also doesn't stick you with a Bad Publicity, either!

It decreases agenda density, which is great in kill decks (Punitive Counterstrike appreciates these agendas). If you're scaring the Runner with Project Junebug, you could probably install - advance - advance these agendas and put on a bold face, daring the Runner to act. I'd consider this agenda for any Weyland deck seeking 3-pointers.

(Chrome City era)
One caveat is that corps only have 3 clicks to spend freely each turn (barring certain shenanigans out of HB). This means that the restriction of "must spend two consecutive clicks gaining money" is a bit harder for corps than runners. —
The problem is that there are so few cases where this outperforms High Risk Investment. If you're racing the runner for credits in a kill deck then at some point HRI just flat out wins that race. In other Weyland decks, you still have to click Government Contracts a lot of times for it to be worth even a smallish windfall from HRI. —