Program: Stealth • Install: 1 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2


Use this credit to pay for using icebreakers.

"No line that they lay could catch a shadow on the wall…"
Shaper • Adam S. Doyle • Creation and Control 41
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Putting Hidden Credits to Good Use

is always good for economy, and for using icebreakers is next best thing!


Cloak & Dagger besides this phrase being a staple of 1980's culture one of the most efficient anti-sentry combos out there. It's main limitation being where to get those credits from. One possibility? More Cloaks.

Cloak & Switchblade the Criminal version of the combo above is even more efficient but utilizes credit even more inflexibly from Stealth cards.

Cloak & Refractor is a decent anti-code-gate combo, there are other decoders that don't require the exclusive stealth , so Shapers are more likely to have this combo all to themselves.

Cloak & BlacKat is a decent anti-barrier combo, again not as compelling as the anti-sentry combos above, but none-the-less a noteworthy combo mostly for Anarchs

With the need for for stealth credit other options are: Dyson Fractal Generator, Ghost Runner, Lockpick & Silencer

Akamatsu Mem Chip and other + options help make room for more copies of Cloak


Excellent economy option, 1 install cost pays for itself on the first turn it's used. Freeing up for other uses.

Can be trashed as fodder for Trash a Programs in place of more vital programs

Combos could result in breaking ice for no out of hand turn after turn

Rare source of stealth-sourced


Costly memroy requirement considering the often limited space

Credit unable to be used for other stuff


Stealth decks are most certainly going to auto-include Cloak, perhaps 2-3 of them. As a pure economic card it's not bad for many other decks, lots of flexibility particularly for Shapers means Cloak deserves a look.

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It's really frustrating how hard it is to get stealth credits. From most other sources the credits are specific to 1 icebreaker type, and for Ghost it runs out FAST. This is The Way to get reliable stealth credits. However, it costs MU, the disadvantage over everything else. I think that BlacKat is quite good. —
Can't be used for fodder for Trash a program subs, since corp chooses program. —