Isabel McGuire

♦ Isabel McGuire 0[credit]

Asset: Executive
Trash: 3
Influence: 1

[click]: Add 1 of your installed cards to HQ.

Even with a virtual ball, it is considered rude not to yell "Fore!"
Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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Mala Tempora (mt)

#50 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Mala Tempora

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As of right now (Nov. 2014), here are the things you can do with Isabel McGuire:

  • You can have her take the blame for your corp's last mistake with Restoring Face
  • You can have her return parasited/caissa-ed ICE to your hand. Same thing with positionning ICE (Inazuma, Chum) when they somehow get at the root of a server (I'm really trying there).
  • If Bad Publicity really is your thing, she works okay in tandem with Lizzie (Elizabeth Mills).
  • You can deliberately make your deck slightly weaker to balance a game agaisnt a new player.

The good things about her:

  • She plays virtual golf! How classy is that?
  • She only costs 1 influence point, so you can put her in pretty much any deck (that might actually be key in the future - it is a Living card game after all).
  • She has a very good trash-to-rez ratio.
(All That Remains era)
You missed a couple: —
* You can restart your Adonis or Eve Campaign —
And you can pull back your failed Aggressive Secretary or Cerebral Overwriter, then install and advance the same card or an agenda. —

Don't forget she is perfect at bouncing back femme-fataled ICE. Since every hip deck features FF and/or Parasites, why not? Especially in a Red Coats Deck she can save your Tollbooths from becoming useless.

(All That Remains era)

This card can be a key component of a Haas economy. You can pull an Adonis or Eve Campaign back into your hand just before the credits run out to continue using them for another round of credits! Another strategy I like to use is to use it as a poor man's Blue Sun. If the runner has the suite to break through your ice on a server, pull them back into your hand to reset and attempt to halt them. The most important uses for this card are to keep your opponent guessing and to refresh your economy. With the installation power of core Haas, you will not be hurting for money as long as you have this.

TL:DR it has excellent synergy with Adonis and Eve Campaigns, Alix T4LB07, and HB: Engineering the future, keeps your opponent guessing, and gives you flexibility.

(All That Remains era)

Guess who just got a promotion? Our girl Isabel is finally moving up in the ranks at Haas-Bioroid - all thanks to a new facility on the Breaker Bay Grid.

Install the grid, use it to immediately rez an Eve Campaign, Adonis Campaign or Private Contracts, to pick it back up with Isabel, and then to put it back down and rez ANOTHER asset for free. Or, return it to your main server where you're running an Awakening Center to discount your Big Bad Bioroids.

(Chrome City era)

Steamwood, two clicks just to save an Adonis from the trash? That amounts to an entire turn spent installing Isabel, returning Adonis, and reinstalling Adonis... seems excessive to me. I'd love to see Isabel work to any real extent, but generally it's not worth the deck space, and results in degrading your board state, especially when compared with other choices.

I'd love to be wrong about this, though!

(All That Remains era)

This card is simply a beast.
Anything that lets you choose which card to return to HQ is simply a beast, though.

I can't find any bad aspects of this card :

  • Rez cost = 0? Yes, thank you.
  • 3 Credits to trash? What a waste for the Runner.
  • Infinite Adonis Campaign, Elizabeth Mills, Eve Campaign, Haas Arcology AI, Credits gain by Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future etc.? I'll take that.
  • Who tells the Runner you're installing just the same card you've just uninstalled? #Bluff4life
  • Did the Runner somehow exposed your Cerebral Overwriter and you think that Asset/Server is dead? Nope, just take it back to HQ and start bluffing again. S/He'll fall in it, sooner or later.
  • 1 Influence cost only? Every Corporation will want her in its ranks.
(Chrome City era)
Umm, you've heard of Blue Sun right? —

I would say Isabel is there for turning your HB deck into a viable shell game. Traps which haven't fired can go right back into your hand and come out again a turn or two later, keeping the runner guessing. It may not be as efficient as Jinteki, but if you're playing HB they won't expect it either.

(All That Remains era)