Lawyer Up

Lawyer Up 2[credit]

Event: Double
Influence: 1

As an additional cost to play this event, spend [click].

Remove up to 2 tags and draw 3 cards.

Pros don't need to call their lawyer. Pros have their secretary rigged to do it for them if they ever go off-grid.
Illustrated by Matt Zeilinger
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True Colors (tc)

#63 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
True Colors

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See you in Court

"So in closing your honor, hacking, corporate espionage, terrorism... seriously! Ladies & gentlemen with such flimsy evidence the plaintiff could accuse anyone in this room of such crimes just for owning a voice pad! I move that this court throw this case out and award pain & suffering damages to the defendant!" With it's ability to remove up to 2 tags and pull 3 cards for the cost of 2s & 2s there are many times a runner may wish that Lawyer Up was in his or her grip.


Clean getaway: Safe in the knowledge that tags can be cleared away with Lawyer Up, runners can run Account Siphon, Code Siphon or Vamp then remove the evidence on the way out. Likewise cleaning up tags from resources like John Masanori, Tallie Perrault or clearing the way for Zona Sul Shipping etc, perhaps making such combos more viable and providing the runner with more tactical options.

Cheaper Lawyers: Cards like Prepaid VoicePAD for example can make playing Lawyer Up more affordable

Double synergy: With up to 13 different Double cards for the runner currently available, Starlight Crusade Funding (say with Adjusted Chronotype?) encourages the runner to "double-down" on Doubles cards possibly mitigating the cost if playing 2-3 double cards in a single turn. With such a strategy the runner is likely to accrue a number of Doubles in the heap making Power Nap potentially a very effective

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Save : Get rid of 2 tags for the price of one!

Save 's: Even though Lawyer Up is a double costing an extra to use, 3 cards for 2 can be meaningful (net +1 ) Further combined with tag removal, the runner essentially gains an additional for each tag, for a possible net total of 5's worth of work for two s

Quick recovery: If the runner survives getting caught by Snare!, Lawyer Up offers an excellent opportunity for the runner to get back on his or her feet. Likewise getting caught (say on the last turn) with no money after accessing Ghost Branch or any other multiple-tag inducing method results in the runner probably spending up to 3 per turn (if required to for ) and yet for all that effort the runner is possibly still tagged. Lawyer Up can get rid of twice as many tags in such a scenario which in many cases allows the runner to escape tag punishment.


As a Double using Lawyer Up usually consumes half of the runners turn

Too many cards: Sometimes the runner may need to use Lawyer Up to remove tags but already having a full hand, the extra 3 cards may cause the runner to lose important cards before having an opportunity to use them.


There are undoubtedly times when runners wish they could pull a copy of Lawyer Up out of their sleeve, there are fewer times when building a deck that the runner imagines it pulling it's weight in any given deck. Using in combo with Account Siphon & Code Siphon are probably the most compelling reasons to include it. Additionally some strong Double-based strategies are emerging so it's not hard to see Lawyer Up getting some more love.

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(Data and Destiny era)
Did... did someone just unironically suggest using Starlight Crusade Funding...? —
Guilty, honestly though my copies of Starlight Crusade funding have yet to see any action. Once I get Adjusted Chronotype... maybe... —
I included this in my double event Maxx deck because it's the more useful of the two 1 influence doubles - I even recall playing it once to remove tags and another time to draw cards, with PPVP out. —
Enk, What was your win record with this deck? Do you have a deck-list up with the details? —
It was actually quite successful in our very small local meta. I have the decklist but it's not public at the moment. I could publish for lulz I guess. —
Starlight was probably the worst card in the game for a long time. You would have to consistently play 2 double events from your hand each turn to make it worth while, and there isn't a large enough pool of them to make this feasible. However, I have seen some very effective decks with starlight and chronotype. This combo allows for ridiculous credit generation once it is up and rolling. On a side note, I'm not sure why Zona was mentioned in this review as that card is trashed if the runner takes a tag. Lawyer Up doesn't synergize with it. —
I think he might have meant that you have it in your hand and you need to clear tags in order to play it without immediately trashing it...? —
Thank's Sabin, I've updated the wording basically saying Lawyer Up can *clear the way* for Zona Sul, sorry if that wasn't clear for some. —