ICE: Barrier • Rez: 9 • Strength: 6 • Influence: 2

Asteroid Belt can be advanced and its rez cost is lowered by 3 for each advancement token on it.

End the run.

His belt of stone did shake and shatter.
Weyland Consortium • Seage • Order and Chaos 12
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Asteroid Belt

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Some people say that this is really just a worse version of Fire Wall, and in many ways, they're not wrong. After all, after and 1, there's basically no difference between a Fire Wall and an Asteroid Belt save for the fact that Fire Wall can continue to grow in strength while Asteroid Belt cannot.

However, it is important to note that a cheap barrier is sometimes better than a strong barrier, and Asteroid Belt can be very cheap if you're including advancement jank (e.g. Constellation Protocol, Satellite Grid, Trick of Light) in your deck. After just a single advancement and a Satellite Grid, Asteroid Belt will cost you just as much as a Wall of Static but with twice the strength. What's more, while Asteroid Belt will not lose its strength after you perform your advancement taichi, you cannot say the same about Fire Wall.

In short, there's a place for both of these cards, and it would probably do you good to consider which card will serve you better.

Also of note is the advancements on asteroid belt can be moved to fire wall via constellation, so they kind of complement each other. —