Windfall 0[credit]

Influence: ○○○○○

Shuffle your stack. Trash the top card of your stack. Gain Xcredit where X is equal to the install cost of that card.

She tried to remember who he was. Not that it mattered anymore.
Illustrated by Rebecca Sorge
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Data and Destiny (dad)

#54 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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There are several problems with this card:

  • Unreliable. It might pick ANY card in your deck, including another Windfall, for which you would get zero credits.
  • Only works on non-events.
  • Only gets you credits. Credits are good. Lots of credits are very good. But... they're an intermediary to winning the game.
  • To be regularly useful, it must get you an average of 3 MINIMUM. That means you need to run lots of expensive cards, which means you need lots of economy. However, that economy better not be events, because those each count as 0 against your "average cost". If it gets you less than 4 credits on average, Sure Gamble would certainly be a better choice in a deck stacked with expensive cards.
  • The only way of modifying your average cost in-game is somehow filtering out your cheap cards. Replicator or Paige Piper could do that for you, but would be a huge waste if that's their primary purpose.
  • Heap manipulation cards are cheap. All of them, as of Data and Destiny, are either events or cheap, just take a look here

So, you're locked into a resource (or maybe Magnum Opus) based economy plus relying on an event to get you money, which gets worse when you play good event economy cards like Sure Gamble, and worse when you play more recursion. Hard to see an upside, no matter which way you look at it.

(Data and Destiny era)
Its use has already been discovered through extreme jank. No other card gives 56 credits in one turn! —
Except Push Your Luck. —
Ah, you are correct! Sorry —
- Windfall! —

I've got a MaxX deck that needs something like this to go with its recursion but it depends:

Does Windfall pay out on events or does the card trashed have to be installable (Resource/Hardware/Programme)?

(Data and Destiny era)
Has to be installable. Events have play costs, not install costs. —
Events don't have an install cost so even if Windfall "works" on events the returns would be 0 credits. —
Basically, the only decks that would even consider this card are MaxX and Exile event-lite decks, and even then, it'd be a stretch. I think this card will see it's day, but not until runners get the same kind of stack manipulation that CI can pull off with Power Shutdown. Even then, CI gets a win without a clot or other agenda point manipulation, Windfall gets, at most... 18 credits and a monolith in the heap. —
I think that there won't be any ''real op tremendous imapct on this game'' if Windfall doesn't have first sentence about shuffle. Rolodex, monolith, all that stuff is very bulky and unstable to rely on. But in the end we do have what we have. One day, maybe... —
Netrunner players don't like RNG in their hands, not criticizing simply stating the consensus of the community to have guaranteed advantage over chance odds. odds of making money off of this through your deck construction and cost balance a la planned assault and others, go for this card because it's able to give you a lot of credit if you need them and build a deck that might try to win by the runners own luck instead of corp psi games —