The Noble Path

The Noble Path 0[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 2

Trash your grip. Make a run. Prevent all damage during this run.

"He with nothing to lose has strength beyond imagining."
-The Saffron Sutra
Illustrated by Chris Knight
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The Liberated Mind (tlm)

#77 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2024-06-26

    UFAQ [Damon Stone]

    Can the Runner play The Noble Path if it is the only card in their grip?

    Yes. There is no stipulation on the card that requires at least one card to be trashed.

    Does The Noble Path prevent the damage dealt by Dedicated Response Team?

    No. Dedicated Response Team triggers when the run ends, so ability on The Noble Path has already ended by the time the damage is dealt.

    Does The Noble Path prevent damage from both Runner and Corp card abilities?

    Yes, even damage suffered from Runner abilities like Spinal Modem is prevented.

  • Updated 2024-06-26

    NSG [NSG Rules Team Update]

    Does The Noble Path prevent the damage dealt by Checkpoint?

    Yes. Checkpoint triggers when the run is declared successful during the Success Phase, which is still part of the run.

    Updated (2024.06).


Note the interaction with Bug Out Bag. By having a Bug Out Bag installed you can make a run, prevent all damage during the run and then draw back up at the end of your turn. With a >5 Bug Out Bag you can even circumvent the normal hand limit (end of turn is after discard phase).

Conceivably you could use this with Severnius Stim Implant and a 20 (+ breaker costs) credits to make a super glorious 10 card dig: set up Severnius Stim Implant (2) set up a Bug Out Bag with 18, make a Noble Path run to empty your hand (stealing an Obokata Protocol is optional but encouraged), end of turn your Bug Out Bag fires to give you 18 cards, next turn run with Severnius, trashing your entire hand. If you can score the access you get to see 9 additional cards for a whopping total of about a quarter of the corp's deck. Then, if you have my luck you'll steal a 3/1 agenda and get Sea Scorched into oblivion.

(Free Mars era)
If you noble path into an obokata you can't steal. If you choose to pay the net damage, it immediately gets prevented and then you haven't paid the cost to steal. —