ICE: Code Gate - Bioroid - AP • Rez: 4 • Strength: 3 • Influence: 2

The Runner can spend to break up to 2 subroutines on Fairchild 2.0.

The Runner must pay 2 or trash 1 of his or her installed cards.

The Runner must pay 2 or trash 1 of his or her installed cards.

Do 1 brain damage.

To threaten my treasures is to incur my wrath.
Haas-Bioroid • Liiga Smilshkalne • Blood Money 31
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Fairchild 2.0
MWL Entries

No MWL Entries for this card.

  • UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    If the Runner has exactly 1 when Fairchild 2.0’s first subroutine resolves, what happens? What if the Runner has no installed cards?

    The Runner must choose an option they are able to fulfill if possible. If they don’t have 2, they must trash an installed card. If the Runner doesn’t have any installed cards, they can’t fulfill either option, so they get to keep their 1.


This ICE has as all Code Gates a problem with Yog.0 as it's broken for 0 creds. For all others it's a good ICE. The point is, the runner can't break it with Clicks! While Fairchild 3.0 can be killed by Spooned just by spending 3 clicks, this is not possible here! The standard Anarch breakers Black Orchestra needs to pay 6 credits (or 3 + 2 if not breaking all subs). This is why you see this currently being played and of course is making Yog.0 strong again. For the other "standard" breakers:
- Gordian Blade 4 creds
- ZU.13 Key Master 5 creds
- Houdini 5 creds (1 stealth)
- Refractor 4 creds (1 stealth)
- Passport 5 creds
- Peregrine 6 creds
- Yog.0 0 creds
- Black Orchestra 6 creds So except of Yog this is a nice taxing ICE, love to use it on Archives to tax against Temüjin Contract or also on all Central Servers. Runners hate it.

(Daedalus Complex era)
You also forgot that it can tax 2 clicks and 2 credits without any icebreakers but yeah, post rotation this looks like a great piece of ice. —

This card is insane. It gives SO MUCH tax for only 4 rez cost, it is really nuts. It even stands up to the tax Eli gives, but not being on the MWL this is a much better alternative. Right now I think is the most taxing bioroid cost-efficiently talking

(Blood Money era)
It is time to bring Yog.0 back. —
Having been playing it a bit my feeling is not as thrilled as yours. —
Having been playing that card a bit, my feeling is not as thrilled as yours. This card is not really comparable with Eli for me. Yes, it requires 2 credits plus two clicks to fully break without a rig... Or not as the two first subs have no effect if you have no rig or if you have cards that turned useless (emptied viruses or D4V1D for instance). Moreover, it can't stop the runner which makes that it requires other ices to make your server tight for the last run. It is obliterated by Yog, which for a costed Ice is a problem, it is less resilient to Parasite and costs 33% more than Eli. It is good no doubt but not insane. —
Or not as the two first subs have no effect if you have no rig<< Not true. You have to pay credits if you have no rig to trash. You can't choose an option you can't fully pay for. Also, I think this ICE is quite close to Eli in that it's meant to tax and does so pretty well. Sometimes, it's even better than Eli: if you run and have only one click left, you can't even click through it. And even if you do have two clicks, you still lose something. Yes, it loses pathetically to Yog, but who doesn't? Most other breakers are quite inefficient at fully breaking this ICE: Gordian - 4, Zu - 5, Rex - 2 creds AND 2 counters, Cy-Cy - 3, Striker - 4, Passport - 5, Refractor - 1 stealth and 3 creds, Torch - 3. Those numbers are pretty decent and the subroutine effects are nasty enough to ensure breaking in most situations. —