Aimor 0[credit]

Ice: Trap
Strength: 1
Influence: 2

[subroutine] Trash the top 3 cards of the stack. Trash Aimor.

"Starving, dehydrated, delirious, I picked a direction and ran, ran for days, maybe even weeks. I ran until my legs couldn't carry me. Then I crawled. When I was finally out, finally free of the shroud, I checked the time, the date. How long had I been gone, trapped in the all-encompassing blackness? Turns out, 3 minutes."
Illustrated by Adam S. Doyle
Decklists with this card

Down the White Nile (dtwn)

#32 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Aimor is a very specialized trap. It's speciality is best used for grinder deck. Like Jinteki PE and Weyland Builder of Nation. It can work well also for damage deck.

Why is it good? Because it trash 3 cards from the stack, no questions asked. Unless the runner as Engolo or an AI (usually Aumakua), they cannot interact with Aimor, making it an auto trigger. Trashing 3 cards from the stack mean 2 things. First, the loss of probable important cards is real (losing that Stargate or Liberated Account can really screw a game plan). Second, that is 3 less potential hitpoints to get City Work Project or Obotaka Protocol. If the game run long, the corp will win because the runner cannot score anything anymore.

Is it the best trap? No. Sadaka or Mganga would be better traps. But in specialized deck, it can really shine. For best effect, pairing Aimor with Preemptive Action and/or Genotyping allow you to bring it back (and any other traps).

Outside of grinder decks, you'll be better off with regular ices or other traps. One thing to add, what do they mean my Aimor? I seems to mean love in latin, but I do not see the link with the effect of the card or the flavor of the text.

(Uprising era)

Love in Latin is 'amor'. Considering the card is from the Down The White Nile set it seems more likely that 'aimor' is a word from a language in Africa. My google-fu fails me though, as near as I can tell it seems the likely origin language is Ateso. I found an old dictionary that has 'aimoromoro' as a word meaning abuse in Ateso, but I can find little else.

Step 1: Threat Assessment (If they take the 2 tags, this is where you surprise BOOM! them).

Step 2: Slap an Aimor on a central server. Preferably Archives with a couple of Breached Dome in there.

Step 3: An Offer You Can't Refuse.

Step 4: Profit???


Silly jank aside, I don't see this card warranting deck slots in any deck besides Jinteki grinders and Skorpios, and even then I'm very hesitant to conclude that. It beats Data Mine and new Mganga in terms of gross cards trashed, which is the number grinder decks care about. However, it is more susceptible to AI breakers (1 and 1 virus counter for Aumakua for example) than the other two and AI are becoming a staple in every runner deck these days. It's unfortunate that a card that received great artwork and even better flavour text will probably not see a lot of play.

(Down the White Nile era)
This card says "Trash Aimor.", as in "You, the Corp, must trash Aimor.". That has nothing to do with enabling Threat Assessment, because Threat Assessment asks, if the _runner_ trashed a corp card during their last turn. And An Offer You Can't Refuse also has nothing to do with enabling Threat Assessment, because Threat Assessment asks if the runner trashed a corp card during _their_ last turn, not during a run you enforced on YOUR turn. —
I think the point is you use Threat Assessment to put a card on top of the stack, and then force the runner to run Aimor using An Offer You Can't Refuse, thus trashing the card you just put on the stack rather than letting the runner draw it again. As the review says, silly jank. —
Oh, okay. Totally got that wrong. That's janky, but doable. —
Yeah I'm sure a way-less jank play would be to just use Wake-Up Call to remove that critical piece of hardware or non-virtual resource. No luck with programs though. —