Ravana 1.0

Ravana 1.0 3[credit]

Ice: Code Gate - Bioroid
Strength: 5
Influence: ○○○○

Lose click: Break 1 subroutine on this ice. Only the Runner can use this ability.

subroutine Resolve 1 subroutine on another rezzed bioroid ice.

subroutine Resolve 1 subroutine on another rezzed bioroid ice.

I roar with a thousand voices, wield a thousand weapons, remember a thousand lives.
Illustrated by Krembler
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System Update 2021 (su21)

#45 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Assuming you've already got a bunch of bioroid ice in your deck, the only downside to this card is that it doesn't do anything on it's own. This is really only a problem early game. You can think of this similarly to positional ice, except it's temporal ice - other ice needs to be rezzed first.

It's 2 stronger than Viktor 1.0 for the same price. If you are one of the few people still using that card, swap them for this now.

(23 Seconds era)
Actually, from my experience it's not Viktor 1.0 you want to swap with this, but Viktor 2.0. The fact that Ravana is weak early game means that *you need early game ice to go together with it*, or it's useless. And Viktor 1.0 actually offers one of the best combos with Ravana, giving you the choice of either firing two brain damage routines or one brain and one end routine. Of course, all this discussion may be moot, as the two Fairchildren seem to me to become the de-facto code gate choices for any Bioroid ice suite in the future. —
Fairchild 1.0 looks to be in the same vane as Pup and Popup window, basically causing a 2 credit swing in the corps favour for the most part. I could see that combing with Ravana at the right time though, if you can see the runner has no credits and forcing them to trash something. Not bad for the price. I'll think about the combo with Ravana and Victor 1.0. It might be worth putting 1 or 2 back in my deck. —
This card has made me revisit Stronger Together. The stats are nuts! It stinks if you get 2 or 3 of these before any other bioroid, but hopefully that won't happen often. But you have so many choices once you are up and running. Brain damage, trash a program, end the run, even give a tag if you got sherlock 2.0 rezzed. I'm pretty sure sherlock 2.0 is the only ice that has a sub that straight up gives a tag. —