Pressure Spike

Pressure Spike 4[credit]

Program: Icebreaker - Fracter
Memory: 1 • Strength: 1
Influence: 3

Interface → 1[credit]: Break 1 barrier subroutine.

2[credit]: +3 strength.

Threat 4 → 2[credit]: +9 strength. Use this ability only once per run. (This ability is active if any player has 4 or more agenda points.)

“If stress hurts, then it must be a weapon.”
— Beatriz Friere Gonzalez
Illustrated by Bruno Balixa
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Rebellion Without Rehearsal (rwr)

#92 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Review from Kit-prespective.

This breaker competes against Gauss. Against smaller ice up to strength 3, they are identical apart from the install cost. At strength 4, 6+, Pressure Spike becomes more efficient. Also Laamb can be considered, but I will not compare Laamb with Pressure Spike in this review.

Install turn, against Bran:

  • Gauss: 5 to break, 2 to install (=7)
  • Pressure Spike: 7 to break, 4 to install (=11)

Future turns, against Bran:

  • Gauss: 9 to break
  • Pressure Spike: 7 to break
  • Pressure Spike (Threat): 5 to break

If Gauss's strength bonus was utilized, then Pressure Spike and Gauss breaks even on breaking Bran for the third time. If Gauss's bonus was not used, then they break even on the first break

When playing as Kit, my answer to big barriers has been Gauss, Pelangi/Egret, and DJ-Quetzal, which deals with most big barrier problems. Pressure Spike provides a longer-term solution that covers her weakness against stacked barriers. But how often do I actually see BTL-style stack of big barriers, over-advanced ice walls, or PD-style stacked Brans? And do I actually go through those more than twice in a game? I don't know the answer yet, but I am happy to at least to have the option to swap in Pressure Spike now.

For those who have influence with slots to spare, the answer is probably still Cleaver with strength supports.

(Rebellion Without Rehearsal era)