Endless Waltz v4.1 (1st place winter tournament)

lgbiteman 17

I ran this at a tournament yesterday (in Jenkintown, PA) and took first. There were 14 total players, and we played 5 rounds of swiss. The only change I made from the original was -3 Sure Gamble and +3 Easy Mark. I initially did it because I had 2 other decks constructed and only 2 cores, but I liked the way it felt, so I got the 3rd core for the 3rd Desperado and left the Easy Marks in there. I think I played 5 games with her at the tournament. There were plenty of times where I could create gaping holes in things to attack them by scoring agendas, and plenty of sighs from the corp side when I did. I think this is probably my second favorite identity.

Highlight of the day for me was playing (what could have been the final game) against NEH where turn 1 I Easy Mark'd, installed R&D Interface, ran R&D to steal an AstroScript and a Breaking News, and then running the newly opened hq and getting another AstroScript out of it.

15 Mar 2015 Cerberus

Pleased the deck worked for you. Was it fun? One of the reasons I like Leela so much is how fun she is to play.

15 Mar 2015 lgbiteman

It was a lot of fun. My favorite was getting to say "ok, that goes back in your hand", especially with R&Di out, sometimes it went "that and that go back"