Reverse Outfit (1st Berlin Store Champ)

5N00P1 777

This deck went 5 - 0 (together with my runner which was 419 Nexus which went 5 - 1) in a 12 player Berlin Store Champ with top 3, not playing the easiest players, but also got some easy wins.

This is based on the KevinTames deck combined with some things I got from the net. Main changes are:

  • +1 Hostile as it's always good when you can fire your ability and it allows to close out games
  • +1 NGO to draw them through the remote
  • +Audacity as it's so good when you can score an Atlas with only another card
  • -1 IPO, Hostile is just better
  • -1 Reconstruction, 3 Dedication & 6 cards to use them was to much for me
  • -1 HPT I had the feeling 2 is enough, especially with 2 Archived

I scored out often very fast, beating 2 GPI Net tap decks. Top cut was top 3, so I didn't play it there.

The games:

  1. EFE on Apex, wuuut he is kind of unkillable and can break Border Control. But I was scoring out fast and drew all 3 Surveyor. Which he hates. I got him taged to slow him down (Armed Intimidation) and then was able to Hard-Hitting News him. Still not able to kill, but then he floated tags to apoc me. Which was good, but 6 tags and no Console to protect him.... kill

  2. Saan on 419 GPI Net Tap I was so afraid! Had no econ and needed to feed him an SSL Endorsement to get money, while he had Pad taps out. He was so rich, I never do anything against it. So I let him have the money and was able to score behind one ICE, as he was not finding his Aumakua so I was on 6 points and got the Hostile in hand to score out the 7th point.

  3. Igor from Brazil, wow poor Liza. He was avoiding the tags, but only to a point. Then I was able to Hard Hit him, with an Atlas Counter. He was going tag me.... kill

  4. Blanket undefeated to this point on Nasir!!!! I was afraid, but there was this combo Nasir from @lostgeek from last week. It was not the same, but I was just scoring faster as he coud draw. I scored Hostile, Armed Intimidation, Atlas with 2 counters and the game was over, he ran 0 times.

  5. lazychef on Nero GPI Net tap, what why? I was afraid. But I was able to score behind a Hortum as long as was not able to get his Aumakua up to 4 (which I would not against 419!). He challenged my 3rd Agenda. But I was able to defend it through Muertos & Leave no Trace, scoring a Hostile afterwards to grab a final Atlas for the win.

The Audacity was a good include, I really like it as a one off. Was there an MVP I can't see a clear one, this deck is bonkers. I was not able to make use of the remote to be honest, perhaps I'm playing this wrong or was just lucky?

3 Mar 2019 Longi

Hey Snoopi, congrats on the victory. It really seems that Outfit is your natural fit :)

3 Mar 2019 Longi

btw. how good is Surveyor in this build?

3 Mar 2019 Saan

Lies! You had 2 ICE! It was a Border Control in front of a Surveyor.

3 Mar 2019 5N00P1

@LongiTY, natural fit is funny as I never played kill before and was online doing it as I was losing to often. So I don't feel it as natural. :D but I take the compliment. Regarding Surveyor, it's really nasty and they should not float tags ;-) See the original deck for a discussion, I lack the experience to really make a statement here, but my feeling is, you want to play fast and only protect R&D and 1 remote and in this case it fine when you have Surveyor with 4 or 6. When they need to go through it without a breaker it's 10 to 12 creds which is usually in your favor when they do it more then once.
@SaanYes you are totally correct, sorry! It was a Border Control and innermost was a Surveyor. Just remember you didn't find your breaker.

4 Mar 2019 kevintame

YES!!! These are the changes I made except for the Audacity. I love that include. Congrats on doing well with this deck.

6 Mar 2019 5N00P1

Thank you for your feedback @kevintame, I was not sure at the start about it, but I think it won me at least one game, maybe another, but it was feeling much relaxed because when you have scored 5 points with an Atlas, you are closer to winning.
Thank your for your deck, I really enjoyed playing it!

10 Mar 2019 Thike

Won a small SC with this today. Feels great. Beat 3 different Hayleys and a MaxX. I do wish I had a 3rd HPT in there though, jsut to make the threat real faster. Sometimes you really just gotta double HPT to win.

10 Mar 2019 Thike

I also feel like the 3rd Surveyor could be something else. Maybe one of the two Weyland ice from Downfall. I just never wanted to see it right off the bat.

11 Mar 2019 5N00P1

@Thikecongrats for the win! I agree a 3rd HPT would be nice, but what to cut? and often you can HPT, Archives, HPT. Agree when you see the Surveyor early and it's the only ICE to protect your Remote it's bad. Not sure if Sandstone would do it, Trebuchet looks decent in this deck, have to test it.

11 Mar 2019 Thike

I think I'd drop the NGO for the 3rd HPT. NGO is nice, but you have enough remote threat and have better sources of cash.

Sandstone would be great for rushing, but Trebuchet does look delicious.

12 Mar 2019 5N00P1

I'm not so convinced about Sandstone I might be wrong, but they can just bounce into it. Sure it will hold for one turn, so I might not give it enough credit. While Trebuchet looks decent. I'll test it together with replacing SSL Endorsement with SDS Drone Deployment.