Nene Peddler: Transhuman (2-4* in SOCR7)

BlackCherries 374

This deck went 1-4 unofficially (1 win by concession) in Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 7 (SOCR7) mostly due to the fact that I relied too heavily on one-shot DDM runs to fuel my entire gameplan. I relied on them to pop my Jackpot!, I relied on them to get me at least 4ish points (as I almost never sniped the remote) and I needed Psych Mike to fire constantly!

One thing I regret is adding the Compile and Femme Fatale way too late. Like I said, I never sniped the remote mostly because I never had an answer for Surveyors (which were everywhere btw) besides Ika. The one game I did win was only because I was able to Gbahali past my opponent's Surveyors.

Here a couple of tech options should you be interested and need inspiration for improving my deck:

For Asa: Escher, Compile/Femme to deal with Surveyor, Mimic for Juas, Shadow Net for Meridian, Miss Bones for Arella or Jinjas

For PEs or similar: Exploratory Romp, Feedback Filter, No One Home, Shadow Net for Shi.Kyus, x2 Ika

For Mtis: Remove Dirty Laundry, full Armitage/Casts package instead, 3 SoT with 2 Doof, Feedback Filter, remove Paragon, replace Engolo with Cyber-Cypher, and Feedback Filter

For Azmari: x3 PAD Taps and Shadow Net - go for the mill, sac agendas for Gambles all day!

For BABW: Slot No One Homes to stop tagstorms, Crash Space, Sacrificial Construct, and maybe even Mache