The Implication, now with more traps

Cpt_nice 1924

This is a Parhelion spin on my deck that went undefeated at Worlds. Since NAPD Cordon is banned, I don't think Mitosis is worth it anymore, although it might need more testing. Now we're threatening kills via tag-related damage and nasty traps. The one of Clearing House is still great as something that facilitates kills in combination with other cards. One of Public Trail also fills that niche. Orbital is kind of a bad agenda but also one that runners forget about. It got me a kill at the CO today.

6 May 2023 CryOfFrustration

Wait, Cordon is banned? How long have I been asleep?

7 May 2023 Cpt_nice

@CryOfFrustration Oh my bad, meant rotated (out of SU)

10 May 2023 Diogene

Fun deck. I like how you can put a lot of counters on the board clicklessly, making the shell game quite good.

Considering the 2x End of the Line, would you play Drago Ivanov in this if it was in the Startup format? (Currently, this deck is startup legal).

In standard, considering that you play Reversed Accounts and Shipment from Vladisibirsk, why was Hard-Hitting News not considered? Also, was Prisec considered for this deck, as it would fit with the archetype.

I really like that this deck, which can be played in both format, making it easier to bring to my local netrunner meetings (not sure if it was intended like that).

Thanks for sharing.

10 May 2023 Cpt_nice

@Diogene This is a Startup deck, hence the NAPD rotation. I did wish I had a Drago during the CO in Amsterdam. Maybe you could drop 1 Vig or the Subliminal