[Startup] NE-Way I Won (2nd at Ysengrin's)

FreeformJazz 178

They might have nerfed AstroScript Pilot Program, but you can win Seamlessly anyway!

Draw through your deck, score Bellona and Remastered Edition ASAP with some combination of Seamless Launch and NAPD Cordon, finding them with Digital Rights Management if necessary when a scoring window opens up. Finally, FA a 3/2 with the Remastered Token for the win! (Don't bother with SanSan City Grid or Biotic Labor, use that money for Tollbooth instead)

Finished 3-0 at Ysengrin's, thanks for organizing! Competitive Startup has been a blast, so I hope there are more Startup tourneys to come :)

P.S. Remember you can score a Really Really Big Beale™ with multiple NAPD Cordon. I've won with a 7 point Beale once!!