THE EOI ENDS HERE (1st X-Planet Toronto 14/01/17)

d1en 3389

Improvement on the deck @lopert and I worked on. Deck went 7-0 for the day. Matchups were Titan FA, HB FA, SYNC EOI, Making News Tagstorm, Argus Rush, NEH FA EOI, Haarp 24/7 BOOM Tagstorm. Dan D'Argenio also took this to his recent Store Championship but he left 6 cards in his deckbox, making his loss a earned one in Winner's Finals.

23 Jan 2017 Noroo :D

good deck

23 Jan 2017 ants_cymru

Would you add Aaron Marron here?

23 Jan 2017 EnderA

I would. -1 On the Lam, -1 Earthrise Hotel, +2 Aaron Marron.

How useful have you found The Black File? The main issue I see is that it's expensive, buying you 2 turns.

What's your typical opening strategy? When do you install Security Nexus?

23 Jan 2017 ZiNOS

@EnderA Blackfile with Dr. Lovegood is the dream. Infinite dream, not just for 3 turns.

23 Jan 2017 ZiNOS

@EnderAMy bad, the corp can still win at their turn [sound of illusions of grandeur shattering].

23 Jan 2017 clercqie

So, what Corp beats this?

23 Jan 2017 crfluency


24 Jan 2017 PurinaBisonChow

@clercqie Any corp that scores out quickly. This deck takes a fair bit to set up and get hammering.

24 Jan 2017 wynalazca

@clercqie CI7 with a good draw just jamming agendas before this deck can set up a ton of hate.

25 Jan 2017 eedok

@clercqie jinkies is a pretty harsh matchup as well

31 Jan 2017 kollapse

@eedokWell, if Andy sets up the DLR engine they are on the back foot as well.

8 Feb 2017 kerrk

What ID are we most looking to Rebirth into most of the time? Is it just match up dependent? or is there a default new ID that works best most of the time?