King Lobizzard, and the Orca Wizard - Poison The Pelangi Nes

ChrissyGibssy 41

Need some help making this a bit better.

The Idea
Open with Wizard, and use Quetzal (the #1 coolest ID) to breakthrough early and get King Lobisomem out, then again for Orca, with Retrieval Run as side option. Pelangi and Poison Vile as Quetzal support. Get the band together to split costs and charge Twinning, with possible Pretty Mary support. Friday Chip to possibly recharge Pelangi.

2 Apr 2024 Stwyde

I just wanna say that this is a phenomenal deck name.

2 Apr 2024 Silent Arbiter

Really interesting idea! * - *

Imo you should cut 1 pelangi (cause if you use the wizard's Chest and you find 2 of them you are sad as hell, you could consider then a 3x Gbahali or Kongamato to be able to use the chest early on. Works well with the poison aswell (can consider cutting both the pelangi and maybe adding a 1x Laamb for early aggression, with 3 lib and all those economy event you should be able to use it properly + you are quetzal so 2 creds to break a sub from Hydra for instance is cool, with a poison vial down even better). The 3x poemu is kinda eccessive, without moshing you have no other ways to get value from the second one you draw. But keep on it, this list has potential!

2 Apr 2024 LastWalter

I also want to say this is a phenomenal deck name.

5 Apr 2024 kevin498

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