With Special Thanks (6th at Worlds 2022)

Whiteblade111 2541

I've been playing Netrunner since 2012. I spent most of my teenage years desperately trying to get better at the game. I was struggled with my hemophilia growing up, and couldn't play sports or really connect with other kids at school. Netrunner was the first thing I was genuinely good at, something I could practice and get results.

That first taste of real world validation was incredible, and I quickly committed myself to compettive Netrunner. I've traveled to so many events and met so many incredible people. Around 2015 I realized I had a dream.

I wanted to top 16 Netrunner worlds.

Maybe a silly dream, but I was 17 and wanted to be the best. I kept going to worlds. I kept missing the cut. I kept practicing, kept playing. I won national championships, continentals. Those were great, and I'm happy for them, but I wanted the top 16. I had low expectations this year. I hadn't done well in a Netrunner event in a hot minute. I was in law school now, I just didn't have the time to do a ton of practicing.

I burst out into tears when I made top 16. Genuinely: a dream realized. I wanted to dedicate this writeup to all the people I've met playing this game. Even passing interactions had a large impact on me. For a commmunity that's seen me grow up from a 14 year old kid to an adult who will one day be a lawyer: thank you.

So. In no particular order:

With Thanks to:

Spags, Ajar, Chris Dyer, Rotage, Swiftie, Alexander White, Jess, Deer, Vale, Orbital, Neuropantser, Andrej, Clay, Eli, Darko, Kenny, Eric C, Internet, Dave L, Sam, Anarchomushroom, Divadus, Zinos, Zoey, Kyle, Creditz, Aaron A, Webster, Jdeng, Miek, Inactivist, Aruzan, Solomir, Joe S, Teo, Eli, Patrick K, Pinsel, Jesse V, Cranked, Lostgeek, Keith, Alexis, SCD, Dien, Samrs, Beyoken, Tradon, Kris, Patrick Burke, TheKing, Adam M, Tehepicwin, Reporogue, Banknote, Austin, Dan B, Codemarv, Ben Blum, Hams, Sebastian K, Sn00p1, Cpt Nice, The GLC Mod Team, The NSG Dev/Design team as a whole, The entire NSG playtest team, Peter and Ellen, Terence, Dan D, Josh W, Abraham, hbarsquared, Jaypumpkin, Morgan, Erin, MattOhNo, Diogene, Cody, CTZ, Brian, June, Swan, PSK, Percomis, Tugtetgut, Rustyryder, Will, Ollie, Solemnstorm, Sanjay, Jakuza, robotmascot, Guy Patching, johno, Havvy, Mike P, Chrisferg, mcg, Pax.

I'm sorry I couldn't name everyone. You've all touched my life in a very meaningful way.

With Special Thanks to:

My Testing Team:

It's impossible for me to put into words how much joy it brings me to hang out with you all. You all push me to be a better version of myself. Whether it's the rhetoric of testing, helping each other during a tournament or a quiet moment alone talking about our lives, I cherish every moment. You all make Netrunner such a joy to play. I love you all.

The Winnipeg Meta:

Looking back on it, these people were a second family. I was so lucky to meet adults who treated a 16 year old as an adult. I learned respect, how to compete fairly, and how to lose with grace. All from them. I stay in touch with them all still, and Chris M is one of my best friends. I am so lucky I got to meet you all through Netrunner.


Rarely in life do I find people I sincerely resonate with. You and I have formed a tight bond of friendship. You are such a joy in my life. Recording the Shadownet with you is one of my favorite things to do.

Ian Smith:

Moving is hard. Ian is an absolute emotional rock in my life. A sounding board and someone who just "gets" me. I feel absolutely comfortable around you and can be totally honest. It's a very liberating friendship. Thank you.

Chris Fazio:

Chris is my emotional rock. We joke around and call him my "Netrunner Dad" but honestly I do feel that way. He's helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life and when I've felt the most vulnerable. He's constantly keeping me grounded. The back and forth late night conversations are something I will always treasure.


I've been critical of NSG in the past (sometimes fairly, sometimes not), but I never stopped supporting them. I keep having faith in the project, and NSG keeps improving. This worlds was incredible. 4 years after the cancellation I still get to see my friends and play this sick game. That is an outstanding accomplishment.

My Family:

I was very lucky to have great parents. My Mom and Dad fully supported my Netrunner traveling. They helped pay for cards when I couldn't. My Mom drove me to worlds, TWICE! My mom would talk about me needing to find my "tribe" of people in High School. I didn't think she expected it to be the Netrunner community, but that's who it ended up being. My parents support and love was crucial to me playing Netrunner.

Thank you all. I'll probably do a deep dive on the deck with Ysengrin in the next week or so. Short tips are just play sick and rip agendas.

See yall in Europe next year.

10 Oct 2022 Orbital Tangent

Great run, Eric. What I caught of it was as legendary as anyone else's in all these years. It was a super classy move to show the crowd how the deck worked after making the cut. You are one of the greats, no question.

Consider the Slumscast and ShadowNet beef officially over.

Congratulations, and love ya.

Don't tell Pants.

10 Oct 2022 Cpt_nice

Beautiful write up, and congrats! You make a darn good trivia quiz too

11 Oct 2022 analyzechris

Not to fulfill the stereotype of Netrunner Dad, but it has been really rewarding to see you develop as a player and a member of the community. You played like an absolute beast in this tournament and you earned it (even if you only played one game of AgInfusion before this weekend).

You should be proud of yourselfโ€“I am.

11 Oct 2022 bing005

*****Wipes tears away*** Very cute write up. I don't know you, but I feel ya.

11 Oct 2022 Cliquil

You took Slipstream, arguably my dearly beloved Copycat's bastard grandchild, to Top 16 at Worlds. That is all the thanks one could want. All the best. - Guy

11 Oct 2022 icecoldjazz

Great job buddy! And good deck choice ๐Ÿ˜‰

16 Oct 2022 nbkelly

s l i p s t r e a m

17 Oct 2022 Ghost Meat

Lovely write up, and congrats again on Top 16! I feel honored to be mentioned here, and to have lost to you so frequently lately. ๐Ÿ˜‚

22 Oct 2022 ilksvorbern

This is very beautiful.