"Normal" Zahya - 2nd Singapore Nats

Paillu 109

Not a lot to see here that's new and better players than me have gone into great detail. It's just Whiteblade's Zahya with the Lucky Charm replaced with Sneakdoor because I'm I wasn't playing with the Charm effectively and have won games off of making corps split their attention between archives and HQ and getting high value runs that way with the deck's hardware. I love the deck, it's a lot of fun, I'm still not good at dealing with NBN and that ultimately was a big part of what did me in in the cut after being the top of Swiss.

My corp is of more interest, it is the same PE that I took 12th with at ACC and is here:


I will stand by the deck concept on that one, although I admit sometimes it just doesn't fire off in time and sputters out.