Silly tag woman - 🇨🇭👑 & 1st @ Italian National 2022

koga 1281

EDIT: Ysengrin just released a great video about TagMe decks featuring Whiteblade111 and his Worlds 2022 run to 6th place. Go check it out!

I've always loved really aggressive runners and I've always had a soft spot for Gabe since the old old days. Despite playing in shaperland quite a bit in the past few years, criminals have always been my true home, especially if I get to be creative while playing. This is more of a powerhouse than a puzzle but hey, at least it's not a control deck!

I got to nats knowing I wanted to play Criminal, but not sure which one. I knew 2 of my meta mates were on Drago prison stuff with triple Market Forces (R+ and CtM) and expected more people to be on it too. The night before the tournament I got to talk about my options with a friend and decided this wasn't necessarily the right deck for the tournament, but it was the right one for me. I realized I didn't wanna play a boring deck and would rather go down playing something fun and exciting.

In the end the deck went 5-0 plus a timed tie and an ID, somehow managing to win the nightmare prison CtM matchup in the first game of the grand finals coming from the lower bracket.

The decklist isn't new in any way, the only cute include was the single Tapwrm I slotted in thinking that maybe I could drop it on the table for the Market Forces turn, either forcing a timewalk or letting me get a bunch of money back to keep up the pressure. I ended up only installing it once against a rich PE, but honestly you could play pretty much anything in that slot.

It was great seeing a couple new faces and I hope the community can keep growing with time. Huge thanks to everyone involved and all my friends as always, pretty much every game was very tight and very very fun. Here's the corp I played. You can watch the tournament's games here, though some of them are split in two due to some technical difficulties.

Hail Hydr- I mean Apex

7 Nov 2022 cros

Huge congratulations again for the win. The final against prison CtM was amazing to watch, we all screamed when the winning agenda came out on the last card of the access

9 Nov 2022 koga

@cros thank you so much, sorry again that our game went to time. We overheard some of that noise from the other room and it was such an amazing feeling, I couldn't believe it