Tag-Me Zahya (4-1 @ Circuit Opener)

dormio 28

Tag-me Zahya (4-1 @ Circuit Opener)

Based on Whiteblade's version, which I believe is based on icecoldjazz's original. See their write-ups!

This and my corp deck helped me win the opener, losing to Ob rush, and winning against the same Ob, two PE, and a Thule.

Changes from original

Fearing ZATO, Nanisivik, and PE in general, I doubled up on breakers. I also like a third Credit Kiting for matchups where Rogue Trading is just too slow to accumulate tags, but that might be wrong. (But I'm also never sad to see it.) Zenit seems like an auto-include. Missing the Mayfly, but I'm already at 41 cards. I feel like something(s) should be cut, but I don't know what.

General tips

If you've never played this deck, I think it's a lot of fun. It can be really hard to keep track of triggers though, especially since many of them fire under very similar, but not identical, conditions.

You don't need to get 10-card digs with Counter Surveillance, especially against rush decks. Remember, you're an aggro deck first, and CS is just a finisher; I often don't even play it.

I mulligan almost exclusively for Obelus; getting an access, a credit from Zahya, and a draw for one click is amazing value for aggro, and its combo with Jailbreak or Docklands Pass is just unbelievable.

Thanks to @FoilFlaws for hosting and running the tournament, and thanks to all for coming out!