BDPD2 (Top6 ICC)

Jai 367

...stands for Big Deal Precision Design, or Bad Deck Please Delete? You decide!

Went 1-2 on the day, beating iceprisma's Lat and losing to MrBuggle's Hoshiko and Sokka234's ApocaLat.

Biggest decision point in the deckbuilding process was deciding between 2nd Void + Hagen or 2nd Border Control + 3rd Spin. Ended up deciding that seeing Void early to create scoring windows vs shaper was worth the moderately worse Apoc matchup, especially since Big Deal can cheese out wins post-Apoc before Clot lock is reestablished. In practice, I never played the card once on the day.

PD is honestly a pretty simple deck in terms of play patterns and strategy (if it can carry a bozo like me to top 6 of Intercontinentals, it can't be that hard). What really separates the great PD plays from the merely average is the ability to dig yourself out of awkward/bad hands, and let me tell you, I had lots of bad hands over the weekend and did not play them satisfactorily. In any case, there've already been many decklist's worth of PD theory that go into it far better than I ever could.

Thanks to NISEI, the organisers, the stream team and all my opponents for making my first Intercontinentals experience a great one. Also shoutout to the Drop Bears for indulging my odd testing hours and supporting me every step of the way!

ABR friends

Jai out