Blacklist Moon (2nd Place @ Malaysian Nationals)

str4atman 153

Basically Moon Euros with -1 Daily Business Show -1 Enhanced Login Protocol +1 Blacklist Blacklist +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite

This deck went undefeated in a field of 19 players, facing off against Whizzard, Andromeda and Chaos Theory (+1 Intentional Draw) in the Swiss, and Whizzard, Noise and Kit in the top 8 cut.

All the wins were off the back of Runners either (1) not checking remotes, so I score agendas naked, or (2) not trashing Jeeves.

MVPs in this deck are Jeeves (for enabling the win-con), and also Blacklist. Not only does this card stop pesky Anarchs from fetching breakers and parasites from the bin, but it also does wonders against Bloo Moose. Blacklist often got double-iced that day, usually with Architect -> Fairchild 3.0/Eli 1.0

CVS was in the deck because I knew some Runners were packing Clot, but either Clot never came out, or I just purged with Jeeves on the table, and built up my board state with the extra click.