dnddmdb 225

**Except against Jinteki*

A list that goes way harder than it has any right to. Turns out the orange cards are good.

Basic gameplan is:

  1. Money up with ludicrous economy.

  2. Get Twinning counters from Poemu while you do it.

  3. Install Carnivore.

  4. Run centrals, access everything, trash the good stuff. Saccing Steelskin to Carnivore feels plain rude.

  5. Get a cred and a card for your trouble.

  6. Return to Step 4.

Has some pretty good legs against the sort of midrange-rush-y Drago, PD, and Ob lists going around. Managed 4 wins against Worlds-tier decklists on Jnet, so it's got to be good, right?

17 Oct 2022 pouchsurfer

I love to see Carnivore getting played. I had not yet realized the interaction between it and Steelskin Scarring, that's sweet!