Countzer0 81

I took this deck to the Dark Sphere SC, and somehow got 4th - winning against Adam, an Origami Wu deck and drawing against an Exile while losing to the same Film Critic Val deck twice. @Kikai in my local meta had been playing an Ag list using Eliza's Toybox and Executive Boot Camp as well as News Hounds, and I thought it looked like fun so I'd give it a try. The arrival of NGO Front is fantastic - a good economy card that allows you to play a bluffing game with your scoring remote is perfect.

A couple of stray thoughts about the deck:

  • Chiyashi was MVP on the day, and every game it was rezzed it did something useful (although there was a panic moment when someone played an Ankusa).

  • On the other hand I think I'm going off Kakugo. Especially against the Val deck it just felt really flimsy, the net damage tax not really taxing FC decks, and breaking it with only 1 credit or a bad pub sucked. I'd probably keep 1 in the deck, but might replace the other 2 with something else, no sure what yet.

  • Voter Intimidation is the (admittedly not great) solution to problem resources - FC and Ice Carver. Not sure if there should be more than 1, but slots m8.

  • Sherlock 2.0 is probably a wierd inclusion, but I have a soft spot for it. It's 12 credits for MKUltra to fully break, and the first 2 subs are hilarious if they land against an Anarch player relying on the conspiracy breakers.

Shoutouts to everyone who went to Dark Sphere for a fun day!

1 Mar 2018 Manadog

Any issues with the News Hound consistency and only 2 currents?

1 Mar 2018 Countzer0

@Manadog so far it's not been too big of a problem. If you get Scarcity early then it's fine, and having a runner play their current (mostly E-Strike, Interdiction or Hacktivist) to get rid of it still works in your favour.

The nice thing about Ag as well is that even if you draw your News Hounds before your currents, you can still use them as fodder for your ID ability and potentially recur them back with Preemptive or even Crick. It would be nice to have an extra Scarcity for sure, but finding room for it is difficult.