BanRezeki (5th at SU Worlds 2022)

BinkBonkle 134

Startup Control Lat where I last minute swapped 2 Light the Fire! in for 3 Pinhole Threading and added an Overclock ¯\(ツ)

I corped with this PD from skry.

I swept R1 then got swept R2 (by future champ tvaduva). I was leaning heavily towards dropping during lunch (s/o to the Sunset Grill) but eventually decided to try to 241 until I lost. That went well and I ended the day 8-2, missing the cut by something like .1 SoS. I was happy to be done for the day but it would have been very fun to have two Seattle players in the top 4.

This was my first Worlds and it was a blast. Thanks to NSG for all of the hard work and to everyone who attended!