Startup ControLat

jez 13

It's my attempt at taking Sokka's ControlLat list from APAC Continentals 2022 and porting it into Startup.

First Paperclip needs a replacement. I tried Propeller at first and didn't like it, so I just went with Corroder. Likewise Ika needs a replacement, and I just went with Bukhgalter, a pretty standard killer.

A lot of the other Standard cards we lose are econ cards like Tapwrm, PAD Tap, and Beth Kilrain-Chang. I tried to make those up with Overclock and Telework Contract. The Teleworks feel pretty good all things considered (you can use them as easy Lat triggers on waiting turns), but the Overclocks don't feel great—you so rarely need to spend credits when running because of Endurance.

I threw in some Boomerang because I didn't know what else to do with the influence, and I like the Boomerang + Into the Depths combo to pull the breaker you know you're going to need (or just pull a Rezeki). I also threw in some DZMZ Optimizer. Maybe the deck only needs one copy.

There's an extra Rigging Up because I kept getting really frustrated that it would take so long to find the first copy, and since in the mean time you're not likely to be at least getting compensated with econ drip like the original version, it felt really punishing to not have Rigging Up + Endurance out early.

The Stoneship Chart Room probably have to go. Without the BOOM! threat in Startup, you really only ever lose on net damage to something like double Punitive Counterstrike and even then that's pretty rare. Given that you don't really need them to stay alive, neither of the trash abilities feel like they're pulling their weight. Not sure what to replace them with though.

Anyways, it still feels pretty strong, even though there's still plenty of room for tuning.

31 Aug 2022 Therebrae

I'm on a similar-ish list. in Startup I really, really like Cleaver because Boat can deal with the high strength stuff like Bran, while Cleaver just eats everything else (including Gold Farmer, which is everywhere in Startup).

I used the extra 4 influence on 1x Scrubber and 1x Bravado. Bravado is just an absurdly good card, and the Scrubber helps deal with any sort of Asset spammy NEH or HB decks. In the matchups it's good it's 2 Rezekis in a trenchcoat that doesn't use MU, and in the bad matchups just don't install it.

I'm on 3x Daily Casts, 3x Telework, and only 2x Simulchip which may be a mistake, but I haven't found myself needed Simulchip as a FA prevention tool often, and it doesn't have many other purposes unless you lose a breaker to Net Damage against Jinteki or something.

The last thing I'd offer is that Stoneship Chart Room is often as good as Diesel, just delayed. By playing it you can drop/control your hand size to get the Lat draw then just draw up with it at the start of your turn and the charge mode on it is often not important, but when it's useful it's really useful. Good luck with the deck, it's been really good for me as well in Startup.

1 Sep 2022 Kopiok

Stoneship is too good for draw manipulation, and the extra power token can go a long way when you need it. The boomerangs are nice but have you considered Pinhole Threading? That helps deal with a lot of things that can slow you down. I also think No Free Lunch can come in clutch in a lot of NBN matchups.