[SOCR4] Mars Still Needs Critics

internet_potato 961

This deck went 3-1 in SOCR4, which was not good enough for the cut with a 2-2 runner and first round split due to connection issues.

Wins were against Magnum Opus Kit, Eater Cutlery Kim, and Good Stuff Gabe. The loss was to @x3r0h0ur's cool CyCy/Atman CT. Not too much tech overall-- shifted agendas and ICE to go faster against Kit, and shifted some Mirāju's for Swordsmen since I wasn't expecting indexing (and was expecting turtle).

Overall this is pretty similar to the deck I took to second place in SOCR2-- I felt like Obokata Protocol, Data Loop, Kakugo and Ben Musashi were still in a really strong place (no Film Critic in CR). Preemptive Action was not available for this tournament, but Genotyping was, so I thought Jinteki had a leg up in terms of managing the flow of the game.

I'm pretty happy with how this deck did, and I feel like I've gotten a lot better at piloting Aginf through this process.

This deck is on stream multiple times at the linked ABR.net page. Big thanks to @fightingwalloon for another great event.

You (the reader) should 100% play in the next SOCR -- keep your eyes peeled on the Stimhack forums, the netrunner subreddit, and other places where fun people talk about fun games.

22 Feb 2018 internet_potato

Looks like the abr.net link doesn't show up until the top cut is finished: here's the page with videos alwaysberunning.net