Sage of Chaos 1.0

LynxMegaCorp 1335

And Runners never lost a duel again. Here's the basic idea:

Game / Breaker setup

  • 2x Dyson Mem Chip (7 MU, 2 Link)
  • Creeper, no MU
  • Install Sage on Dino, no MU cost, +2 Strength (Sage Strength = 9)
  • E3 Implants reduces both Breaker costs

Interfaces save MU, while Modded reduces cost and clicks during setup.

Trade-in seems vital for getting key pieces, namely E3 and Dinosaurus.

Underworld to tie in with 2 Link, would help late-game runs.

Professional Contacts seemed like the best engine for early-mid game flow.

Express Delivery added for 1-influence answers to targeted card grabbing.

I can not wait to use this deck! Questions and comments appreciated.

18 Nov 2014 LynxMegaCorp

Oops... not sure what I did to make it format like that after Dyson! I hope its not confusing.

18 Nov 2014 Two_EG

hmm... very dangerous set up... though I like it.

18 Nov 2014 LynxMegaCorp

I've considered adding an additional Test Run / Trade-In to increase chance/speed of setup. But what would I take out? I like everything in here! (Perhaps 1 Underworld / Express Delivery).

I'm also toying with the idea of an Ekomind / Sage deck. But if this is dangerous, then that's just volatile. ;)

Any suggestions?

18 Nov 2014 Jashay

I really, really like the idea of this deck, but I have a few observations:

Your programs are vital, but you have no redundancy and almost no way of retrieving them if they get trashed. To me this means you can't run until you've got both breakers out so you won't lose a program to a destroyer. It's worth pointing out that thanks to Grail and Morph Ice, you can get program destruction in Code Gate, Barrier and Sentry now.

Nor do you have any way of searching them out beyond Test Run; you are reliant on drawing power. This means something like Will o the Wisp will hose you quite badly.

Also, you are reliant on the order of installation; you pretty much have to install Dinosaurus first, otherwise the sage loses 4 STR. If you don't have 2 Dysons out, it effectively loses 3 more, as you do not get the freebie from Creeper. You'll also lose money from the Contracts not triggering.

So the way this deck would seem to play is 'I get my rig set up fully, and then I hammer you.' You can't afford to run if you don't have the setup, particularly against, say, jinteki, who might ping a vital piece out of your hand. To my mind, then, you need a faster setup and more redundancy. I'd probably go along the lines of insane card draw and Levy AR Lab Access. You can rip through your deck for the bits you need, and keep cycling. Watch the hell out for Chronos Protocol though!

If that's the route you go, get Kati in there for burst economy. In the time it takes you to set up, she can build up quite a pile ready for a multi-run turn

Ekomind Sage seems fun, but realistically it would require a lot of moving parts to get the same benefit you get from Dinosaurus, i.e +4 STR on the Sage.

But I really like the idea, and will try it out myself when I find a moment. Keep me posted on how it plays!

18 Nov 2014 cmcadvanced

why not use self modifying code and replicator for a deck like this? you could go 2 of on most of the hardware including your criminal tech, and you'd be able to get your breakers whenever you needed with smc and maybe special order since you have a few less influence being used up. I mean, do you really need that 3rd hq interface? I can't wait for sage to come out, I'll probably start playing shaper more.

18 Nov 2014 moistloaf

cool deck, but taxing Sentries (Komainu/Archer/Tsurugi) might give you some trouble. E3 is definitely good with Sage/Creeper, but it might be worth considering to run some Clone Chips/Sharpshooter/Deus X. Economy also seems very low/unreliable, especially against glacier and RP specifically.

18 Nov 2014 moistloaf

also, I know you're running a lot of hardware and trade-in, but I think this deck would make better work of 2x Legwork, frees up 2 influence, and cut the Trade-In to free up 3 slots. This deck probably wants to play Quality Time to find your pieces faster, but again, I think the economy needs work, too.

19 Nov 2014 LynxMegaCorp

The only reason I chose Test Run over SMC is so that I could retrieve trashed Breakers if that happens. Its the only advantage over SMC, really, and they would become dead cards (barring Will antics).

I also considered the one-shot Breakers for emergencies. So many cards, so little space! How about you guys create your own Sage versions and link them here? :D

19 Nov 2014 LynxMegaCorp

I think I'll bite on the Replicator idea with Kate. So many possibilities! :D

19 Nov 2014 RichardLocke

How do you deal with 7+ STR code gates and barriers? btw, I've been playing around with the Sage+Ekomind deck for a bit. Here's the latest published version I've got.

19 Nov 2014 Dydra

7+ str code gates? wait what? lol

19 Nov 2014 Jashay

@Dydra: Is your meta not plagued with Cell Portals? ;)

22 Nov 2014 Two_EG

advance icewall over 10 times and BWBI just wins the game!

22 Nov 2014 LynxMegaCorp

Man, now I have to add an Akamatsu just in case that happens or Curtain Wall gets played! Also, LOL @ 7 STR Code gates!