Jinteki Kill v1.1

Sinbu 2

More combos

7 Jan 2015 Jashay

With only the Snare!s to land tags, and only one Scorched Earth, it will be very difficult to land that flatline combo. Your ICE is also quire porous: only two bits actually end the run.

If you're looking to bluff with the Mushin No Shins, you'll probably need more than one Project Junebug. Another good one to bluff with is Cerebral Overwriter.

I'd look at getting some more economy, too. Or is Gila Hands Arcology doing enough for you?

7 Jan 2015 Sinbu

hah, I wasn't really expecting people to actually read this (I just posted it for a friend). But I appreciate the comments. To start, my original deck was basically the same as 2014 second place jinteki deck: www.acoo.net

The purpose of the deck is to introduce potential combos. Unlike most kill decks, I plan to rush to game point (4-5 agendas scored) with house of cards or Gila Hands, then cause the runner to make a mistake. There are a lot of flatline combos in this deck

I agree with the Snare! to Scorched Earth combo. I should perhaps remove the SE for a Cerebral Overwriter, but then the runner doesn't really care about tags

Mushins have been doing well, especially at game point. I can mushin Ronin's, Snares, even psychic fields and trick of light out of it later (can score 5 with two tricks + advance, which is also ridiculous late game)

My economy is surprisingly ok, even against Account Siphon (I hate that card). I really want to think about putting in Pop-up Windows. I used to not even have Sweeps Week, and could still recover, but it basically makes a Gila Hands Arcology required (somewhat scary). I do want to perhaps throw in another Hedge Fund, and if i need more, Beanstalk Royalties