Drip Andy - Store Championship Winner 2/15 Meeples Games

bluebird503 1973

24 Players, 4-1

Thanks to Nordrunner for http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/14970/and4omeda made 1-2 changes. Kati was really good for me.

16 Feb 2015 Dydra

Love this deck! I hate andy for the fact that she has been the most main stream runner ever, but playing Supplier and lower with it Dysons, Employee AND Data folding stuff .... much much respect :)

16 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@bluebird503 Makes me feel warm inside that you played this deck. Did you know I ha made some changes from my Original Post? If not, wow, because you made almost the same changes I did recently.

I felt like my deck performed well enough to win a Store Championship when I played, so I feel vindicated that you won yours. Congrats and thanks for the props!

16 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@bluebird503 NM, I see you posted on my Youtube Channel, you saw the updates... :)

17 Feb 2015 yung_zoloft

Cool list. Never got to see this deck in action at Meeples where you beat me out by strength of schedule. Maybe I'll get a match with you at regionals.

17 Feb 2015 bluebird503

@yung_zoloft yeah I don't even know what you played! I will be at all the regionals in the area. Should be up for 1-2 more store championships as well. See you there :D

18 Feb 2015 SecurityRake

I've been running a deck VERY like this for a while before Folding came out. Gotta say I like Vamp in this, even as a 1-of. 2-of even.

24 Feb 2015 IonFox

Cool looking deck, love the idea of drip resource andy. Do you think swapping out dirty laundry for hostage would be viable?

25 Feb 2015 yosuv

And is not better to play with 2 copies of Icebreakers? due to Shutdowns and agresive secretary, etc...

An 2º question: Is not better to play 1 icebreaker like ninja, than 3 copies of fairy? With only 1 icebreaker you can play all the game. The fairys go and never returns.


25 Feb 2015 yosuv

Is not better 2x ninja, 2x corroder and 2x ZU.13?

25 Feb 2015 yosuv

you can cast "daily cast" from the supplier, and in the same turn get 2 credits with the daily cast? or you have to wait 1 turn more?

1 Mar 2015 bluebird503

@Yosuv if you play well most of the time cards like power shutdown will not really hurt. Faerie protects your other breakers from Power Shutdown. Remember that even if you lose a breaker, the game does not end. You have inside jobs, overmind + e3 and femme to get around troublesome ice you can't break. Ninja is a really bad card and corroder and zu both take influence. Try playing without the safety net of the extra breakers and playing around troublesome cards and see if you can improve your criminal play.

As for the rules question, No you can't get the 2 credits the turn that Daily Casts comes off of the Supplier because it was not in play at the "Beginning of Turn" trigger. I think you might be able to turn on Underworld Contacts by bringing out Dyson, I read that somewhere but I was unclear on the rules. I have not tried to do that in an actual game yet.

9 Mar 2015 yosuv

and if you change the ID for STIRLING? worsk the same but you gain 2 credits until your ring is ready to combat. I change the ID and works great!!!! I love this deck.

18 Mar 2015 Dothanite

@yosuv What 5 inf did you take out for your Iain Stirling deck?

I like this deck alot. Thinking about sleeving it up soon!

18 Mar 2015 yosuv

I take out - 1 D4v1d •••• , -1 unistall, -1 utopia shard • and +1 Dirty L +1 Faerie and +1 Trimaf contact.

And the Deck runs great.

25 Jul 2015 wessig

I've been loving this. After some playing it quite a bit I made a few changes I've been really happy with. -2 Mr. Li, -1 makers eye, -2 laundry, -3 sure gamble and +3 career fair, +3 earthrise hotel, +1 symmetrical visage, +1 scavenge. Career fair especially has been fantastic. Uninstall works fine for overmind and David but it hurts if you want to move femme around.