Nordrunner 4152

I can't hold back any longer, I am way too excited to post this. I got sicker than a dog this last week and spent almost all my time polishing this bad boy. No surprise it's Andromeda if you know me. This could be played in Stirling, but influence adjustments would obviously have to be made.

Overall thoughts on this deck are that it is extremely powerful, but has weaknesses. This deck will be very strong against corps that need to set up ICE or HQ combos. The longer the game, the better. Pretty much a Weyland crusher, and very good versus RP also. Can definitely have it's challenges with NEH, but it's not futile. You still have cheap efficient breakers and multi access cards, so you will have a chance. It has taken me many plays to understand the nuances of the deck. Specifically knowing when to play Overmind, what to Logos for, how to consistently keep pressure on the corp while setting up, what to put on The Supplier and what to play directly from hand.

Some games you will never play Overmind and you can let the normal breakers go to work. Other games Overmind might be the card that gets you an early remote access with inside job, or to help you land a nice early Legwork. Because I play 3 Overmind, no need to be stingy even if you don't have the optimal MU set up yet. Just get it down at 3 counters if you must.

Dropped Mimic for 3 Faerie. I was noticing Mimic sitting in my hand 80% of the games for one reason or another. Faerie is really the best card here, free install from opening hand, trashes on use, hyper efficient breaking, added early pressure. Faerie will tie you over until you have money and counters on Overmind to bring you home.

Zu is a suggestion from @spags that is perfect! Cloud for more MU 1 credit to play, beautiful. Corroder is Corroder...

D4vid is top 3 favorite runner card right now, and no one sees it coming in Criminal. Paired with E3, it's the best way to get around big servers in the game. My favorite play to make right now is using uninstall on D4vid when the corp thinks I am locked out. I have never needed more than 2 D4vid in a game so far, and 1 usually does the trick.

The econ in this deck is tricky as it is mostly long game econ. Supplier in opening hand is key. Usually worth a mulligan if you don't have it. Data Folding is awesome, and fits perfectly in this deck. Early Data folding is very strong. Added 3 Dirty Laundry for more "now" econ, and a way to keep my opening hand more flexible. I think it should help, but also considered easy mark in it's place. The real engine is using The Supplier to set up your trickle econ, it's not uncommon to be getting 4-8 credits per turn with Underworld Contacts, Data Folding, and Daily Casts. This will be enough econ usually to go trash anything you need to and control the corps board and money.

Logos! Started with Box-E (favorite console all time), but with so many silver bullets in this deck Logos is a natural choice. I usually grab one of the following, Plascrete, D4vid, E3 Feedback Implants, Professional Contacts, R&DI, breakers. or Utopia Shard. I will typically naturally draw a few of these, and then Logos on mop up duty.

Inside Job is awesome to get through remotes, or if you need some help getting a multi-access in R&D. Inside Job lets me preserve D4vid and Overmind counters, and makes running life much easier. I think all 3 are important.

Dyson deserves quick mention as it really does a lot of work in this deck. Overmind counters, fueling Data Folding and Underworld Contacts, trace protection (comes in handy!), activates Zu's cloud. A buck from supplier to play this card is crazy value, and worth it usually to play one 3 credits.

Last card to mention is Utopia Shard. Also now in my top 3 favorite runner cards. I am not sure many people have unlocked this card. It's really, really good. I dropped one Plascrete for it. It destroys combo decks... Imagine Corp, Click 1 - SEA Source, Click 2 - Scorch, Runner uses Utopia, Click 3 - uhhhhhhh.... Or if you have a corp that likes to Biotic Labor before installing the agenda, blow up the Astro, show me Celebrity gift with 2+ agendas, Utopia Followed by Legwork. After a Fast Track, Utopia that shite! The plays are endless, and this card is brilliant.

In conclusion, this deck is a lot of fun to play and is a good matchup versus a lot of strong popular decks right now. If your meta simply cannot let go of NEH, this might not be the best call for you as there are better decks to deal with NEH. I believe however, if the "Clot" dream is real, this deck will have real promise against ALL decks in the future.

Enjoy, and as always, all comments and questions welcome.

6 Feb 2015 cmcadvanced

It gets 6 credits per turn. Enough. Said.

7 Feb 2015 Snake Eyes

I've been following this deck for a while, creeping you on OCTGN.

Very nicely constructed - I never knew all of the pieces before now. Impressed by the use of uninstall and its syngery with D4V1D and/or Overmind +E3, as with other new toys like Data Folding.

7 Feb 2015 Malvolio

Not a single special order ?

7 Feb 2015 Malvolio

Thinking back on it, 3x Inside jobs do provide quite a bit of remote server pressure along the way together with Logos. Maybe I am just old fashioned.

7 Feb 2015 moistloaf

have you done any testing with Passport in Zu's place? You could still use D4v1d and Overmind to threaten code gates on remotes. excited to play this list, something different out of andy that still looks strong

8 Feb 2015 soulraiden

What do you do when you encounter Swordsman and you end your Faerie?

8 Feb 2015 turkishvancat

This deck looks like a lot of fun! These are the changes that I'm personally going to try out with this list:

-3x Faerie - 2x R&DI + 1x Creeper + 1x Medium + 3x Easy Mark

I've always been a fan of Underworld Contacts Andromeda decks, so throwing in Data Folding for even more drippy goodness sounds awesome. I usually don't play with Creeper, but I think it might be a good call; it deals with the Swordsman problem when the Faeries are gone, and with E3, it costs exactly 1 more per ice than Garrote, but for 0 MU. I also love Utopia Shard, but I might switch it for Feedback Filter to deal with PE.

8 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

Put this deck to the real test today at what was dubbed the Wisconsin State Championship. I figured the meta to be Weyland, RP, and a little NEH. I played 1 NEH, and 4 RP and went 3-2.

First game was a non-standard NEH deck against Brian (GumonShoe). It ran Turtlebacks, IT Department, Roto-Turret, and I am not entirely sure what else. I was able to get some early pressure to keep his credit pool low. After several turns it was almost a certainty he had agendas in hand and was able to pick off an Astro with an Inside Job. I sniped a naked 1 pointer in a remote (he had 3 rows of servers on his playmat) to go to 3 points. He had 1 roto on R&D, and I had an R&D Interface in play. I got another 2 pointer in R&D by busting 2 faeries on his for 4 accesses. At this point he rezzes ITD and bring the game to a creeping halt. My next draw was D4V1D and I knew it was GG. After several like 8 ITD counters (and me collecting trickle money) he made a remote with 2 ICE and something in the remote. With like 15 credits I install Overmind, D4vid, take a credit and run the remote to steal a Beal behind a roto and lotus field(?). MVPs - Inside Job, D4vid.

Next game was against Aaron Andries playing RP. The poor guy drew a million agendas, Aaron really didn't have a chance, none the less, the deck gave me all the econ necessary to trash all his asset econ. He was forced to use Celeb Gift for money and gave me all the information I needed. Between accesses and the Utopia Shard, it was over quick. MVP - Utopia Shard, E3 Feedback Implants (got me through Eli a million times).

Next game was RP versus Nick Soto. I got a very nice opener with Supplier, Data Folding, a mem chip and Underworld Contacts. It again allowed me to control his asset econ and keep pressure on centrals. If I recall I won a HQ or R&D psi game for a 3 pointer, and then stole a nisei on a remote by winning another caprice Psi game. At this point it was tim to focus on his R&D FTW. I was able to get all 3 Underworlds and Data Folding out and was making 6 credits per turn. I burnt my third Faerie on his Tsrugis and he thought he was safe as I was getting very low on cards. I had all 3 overminds in hand and caught him by surprise with it. It took me 9-12 accesses (and going to time), but I was able to run his R&D on every 2nd or 3rd turn I took. His R&D had 2 Tsrugi a Lotus(?) and something else, That is really incredible, 6 creds a turn is just ridiculous. MVP - Econ Package, Overmind.

Next Round versus Spags. He also had a little flood early. I was able to snipe an nisei from HQ, and then immediately used Utopia to steal another Nisei and attempt to steal TFP. I had the game sitting in his archives and I couldn't close it out on three psi attempts. He eventually triple stacked archives and I had to focus on getting my engine going. Again I had his asset econ under control. I must say Scott played one helluva a game a crawled himself back into the game. It came down to a hail mary inside job into a remote with a rezzed caprice, I lost the psi game and that was that. A great game, and I was not disappointed in how the deck performed.

Last game was versus Joe Schupp (Paranoid). I had a bad opener, and mulled into an even worse hand. No econ. This was the only game I didn't win the econ war. He rezzed a sundew on a caprice. I didn't even have a chance to put pressure on his remote. It was a disaster. It was heartbreaking after seeing the deck do so well all day, as this was the loss that kept me out of the top 4. (anyone keeping track of my opponents, lol, omg...).

Closing thoughts. I am more impressed with this deck than I was when I wrote the OP. I will use Mr. Li going forward and find something else for Professional Contacts (Clot?!). I think there is still room for improvement, and I'll keep working on it. This deck has a lot of depth and interesting decisions to make frequently. Final rank 8.5/10.

8 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@Snake Eyes Haha, thanks man. I see you creeping. :D

@Malvolio Actually not necessary to play Special Order believe it or not. I played 1 but took it out. Not because it's not useful, but it simply didn't seem necessary.

@moistloaf I considered Passport, but Zu is really good here for a lot of reasons. Cheap, efficient, and an MU saver. I don't really think there is a better option than Zu.

@soulraidenIf you read my report, that exact situation happened in my third game. Overmind with E3 and a lot of money does just fine.

@turkishvancat Thanks for the comment. I seriously considered creeper, but it was the 5 install cost that kept me away. A clunky opening hand can ruin your entire game, Faerie helps that immensely, and I also found I seldom really need more than 3 Faerie if I use them wisely. IDK if I can ever let Utopia Shard go. That card wins games and protects your behind. Just a monster. That being said, I totally understand slotting a Feedback Filter if you have a heavy Jinteki damage meta.

9 Feb 2015 Hekireky

Some thoughts on the deck:

It is extremely important to have in an opening hand Dyson Mem Chip & The Supplier along with 2 econ cards (preferably Sure Gamble / Dirty Laundry. That is the best turn 1 I can imagine against any corp that does the usual ice up R&D and HQ. The sooner you have this set up, the stronger you'll become economically after each passing turn.

Thinking of replacing Professional Contacts with Clone Chip. And replacing 1 Inside Job with Femme Fatale. For the former that would be the strategy for fighting against Power Shutdown and for the latter - if I encounter Swordsman. Femme Fatale also works nicely with Uninstall.

I also noticed how much of a difficulty NBN Tagstom has here. If you have one Dyson Mem Chip and they have Manhunt on the table, most of the time the corp will just use the 2 credits from it's recurring identity ability. Which is basically 2 credits to surpass the trace - saving you a click to lose the tag.

This is a well crafted deck, I am very pleased with it's performance. I used to run a lot Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist with Logos, so it has a soft spot in my heart, when I have this console down.

Speaking of Logos, this is a devastating card against the newly released Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed identity, as the corp mainly runs 1 pointers, so if they want to score - they give you 1 card each and every time. Just make sure to never let them score Posted Bounty and you're good.

9 Feb 2015 PaxCecilia

This is a really cool deck. A local player brought it to a store championship this past weekend (slightly modified, Deep Red for more Overmind Tokens, not sure what he dropped) and the drip economy was absolutely brutal. He was getting 4 per turn while I was just trying to shore up my defences.

10 Feb 2015 xpointsh

My changes:

-1 Logos

-3 Daily Casts

-1 Professional Contacts

-1 ZU.13 Key Master


+3 Mr. Li

+2 Lucky Find

+1 Passport

I don't have ZU.13 Key Master. I also lost a copy of Logos. I like the surprise factor of Lucky Find.

14 Feb 2015 Pyjam

I see that my orginal concept is becoming popular. Great! Why not 40+ hearts for me? :0(

14 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@Pyjam Just to be clear, we have 21 cards which are the same, and 24 that are different.

14 Feb 2015 Fjord

What are your thoughts on Compromised Employee these days Nord? Now we have the Supplier but does there need to be a solid Caduceus or other trace ice presence in the meta to make it worth it?

14 Feb 2015 Pyjam

Nordrunner, this is not about you. Don't worry. I don't pretend you have stolen anything. I don't own the concept of Andromeda Folding (with or without Overmind). I'm just saying that despite the fact that my deck works very well, he's never received more than 5 votes. Not your fault. It happens everyday.

15 Feb 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@Nordrunner Nice deck man. I've been doing something similar in Edward Kim, but still testing/tuning on OCTGN/Skype with a few friends from different metas around the country. The Supplier + trickle is fantastic, and I can see that being all the better in Criminal where you have access to high-pressure events without splashing them. I was originally running Data Folding too, but not UC (and therefore no Dyson, using Memstrips instead for my Overminds) but Data Folding seemed too slow even with Supplier; It occurs to me now that might be because I only had DF for my drip (and Casts) but not also UC.

I'm interested in your testing for an economic setup like this so far- Have you found that including so many cards just to have drip for mid/late game is worth it? When I consider that you have 3 UC, 3 DF, 3 Dyson, 9 cards, to gain an advantage later instead of now, I assume it is too slow due to your lack of draw. That being said, I find it very intriguing that you are having so much success with it! Like I said, in my Kim deck I'm really starting to feel like something is there, I'm winning more than 50% of games, and consistently making top 4 in tournaments I've attended with it so far. I just can't quite seem to close the deal in some games, and Lotus Field is mostly to blame for that. That is why I'm interested in Zu, since I also have 1 link. These ideas might be perfect for me as well! That all being said, would you mind telling me:

1) I find that early Lotus Fields basically shut me out because of how prohibitively expensive they are to break, being just below David and out of Yog range, and not being able to Datasucker them. I've tried Knights, having more econ, and thinking about trying Personal Touch Yog now. How do early Lotus Fields affect your tempo, being they are still 4 to break with a Zu?

2) I was running 3x Earthrise for my Supplier, which I found has been amazing for getting trickle cards set up without taxing you too much. You have no Hostage for the ProCo (and you shouldn't of course :P) but have no other draw in your deck- Do you feel tempo loss from the fact that you are clicking for draw AND having to click to install cards that benefit later? My original Supplier/trickle build would get demolished by ETF FA because it was too taxing too quickly for all the setup I needed. Are you basically just doing your own thing and setting up, letting Logos find the cards you haven't drawn yet? It seems risky to deliberately lose in order to win, on the surface, but what are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!

16 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@Fjord Compromised Employee will always carry a special place in my heart. It's generally good for just the bonus credit on rez, I always found any trace help to be icing on the cake.

I think I may need to consider it further in this deck as it does have some synergy with what I am trying to do. The issue is always deckspace, and I am not sure it's worth playing any less than 3. Thanks for the comments friend!

@ItJustGotRielle A few thoughts in response. I originally tried this deck without Underworld Contacts and it was not nearly as strong, I think the magic comes from Data Folding and UC together.

1) Love this question. There is no doubt this can have a slower start than a lot of decks. Clunky opening hands are not fun, and they happen on occasion. None the less, if I can get a couple trickle cards started early, that's really strong within a few turns. I also try to be mindful of whether a corp might have the resources to rush an early agenda. If I already have an inside Job and Overmind in hand, and I am playing NEH. I might spend more time clicking for credits to set up a sniper run on their remote. If I can snipe an early Astro, that just makes me positioned to succeed that much more in the mid-Late. If I am playing RP and I can see they are going to be setting up for awhile, I will take my sweet time getting set up, because nothing stops this deck once I'm rigged.

Earthrise is a fantastic card, one of my favorites from the last cycle. I had 3 originally in this deck, but I would keep pitching them whenever I had Proco on the table. FWIW, I have recently taken out 1 Dirty Laundry and the ProCo to add 2 Mr. Li. It's a better card for me than proco, but I think Li syngergizes better with earthrise than ProCo does, so I may revisit Earthrise.

Logos is really for mop up duty on what I dont draw, or if I need a silver bullet. I don't rely on logos for the win, but byt gathering my pieces with it, I can just keep mounting the pressure on the corp. I never deliberately try to give up an agenda, but the corp will score in almost every game you play. The MU and hand size are also nice. :) Thanks for your thoughts!

16 Feb 2015 linuxmaier

@Nordrunner Regarding the field at the WI State Championship, yeah, you got screwed. At the end, I think you were 20 SOS higher than anyone else due to getting matched against pretty much the best of the field all day.

16 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@linuxmaier haha ya it's true. The top 4 had SoS of 56, 55, 58, and 56. Mine was 70. What can you do? I guess I just need to start throwing my first round so it's nice and easy to make the cut.... :p

16 Feb 2015 linuxmaier

@Nordrunner Or just figure out whatever counterspell you need to say or pentagram you need to draw in order to counter Spags' crazy Psi powers.

17 Feb 2015 Pyjam

3x Hostage + 2x The Supplier + 1x Mr. Li is a better choice than Earthrise Hotel. ERH doesn't work well with drip econ. And you may use the Hostage for Underworld Contact when The Supplier and Mr. Li are installed.

If you are not afraid of the ridiculous, I suggest you add 1x Window. It's more useful than people think.

17 Feb 2015 linuxmaier

@Pyjam Why is Window useful? The number of times Mr. Li splits two good cards is pretty rare in my experience, and Special Order does a good job of jumbling back cards you put on the bottom because you wanted to see them later.

17 Feb 2015 Pyjam

Well, put more good cards in your deck. ;0) Just joking, but contrary to your belief, it happens quite often that you draw two very good cards with Mr Li. Corroder + Sure Gamble ou Legwork or whatever, for example.

Also, note that Nordrunner's deck doesn't include Special Order.

17 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@Pyjam The only problem with cards like Hostage and Bug is they don't really help you win the game. I understand wanting to go get pieces, but there is so much stuff I need, I'd rather just draw with Li and get everything. Data Folding takes a lot of pressure off Underworld Contacts need to set up right away, so I dont feel like its a card I ever need to tutor for. It also has a bit of anti-synergy with The Supplier, although thats a small consideration for me.

Bug I don't think will be a difference maker enough times to be worth it. I will pay closer attention to if there are more times where I wish I had it, and maybe I'll consider it. I'm cramped enough for cards I want to play and still make a 45 card deck, Bug seems like a really tough fit.

17 Feb 2015 Pyjam

I see that there is a strong relation in your mind between Window and Bug. I can easily imagine why. ;0)

17 Feb 2015 hookgrip

Im kind of new and pretty bad at this game but how do you deal with CI combo decks with this?

18 Feb 2015 dmartel

Love the deck. Always had a soft spot for Underword Contacts. :-)

20 Feb 2015 goodknite

I like the deck combo, I'm playing something like this in the upcoming store championship. I put Femme and Datasuckers in to help the breaker suite get through mid strength ice. and an Armitage for early econ boost, I found early it's hard to get cash going. Took out ProCo and left in Mr.Li for draw efficiency.

22 Feb 2015 voltorocks

Love this deck - there's so much good tech in here! I had a blast testing it out -- not sure yet if I would ever take it to a tourney, but first-rate for fun games that aren't just a string of NEH astrobiotics opponents!

Currently working with an Iain variant - it's actually very easy to trim the influence - I took out procons, 1x RnD interface, and utopia (only one I've ever missed having was Utopia... wish there was some way to get it in...). The loss of the 9 card had hurts the most probably, but I've found that Iain's ability does incredible work, especially against the decks worst (imo) matchup, NBN. So far I've found that Iain's ability gives very strong footing to recover from a weak draw, or from a hot-out-the-gate corp.

If they're not scoring out of hand, the drip is staggering, and your remote pressure becomes almost absolute. dripping for 6 credits a turn plus daily casts can give you a towering mountain of cash that almost no scoring server can hope to overcome. alternatively, it can fund a light RnD lock while still building up cards and credits for the occasional devastating legwork. The breaker suite is compact but powerful, and works very well.

The obvious weaknesses are still there - namely, the astrotrain. the 2 credit drip isn't enough to put you back in the game if they've got 4 points and 2 tokens already. Likely when clot comes out I'll switch back to andy... time will tell.

24 Feb 2015 Nordrunner

@Pyjam lol, just shows you how much I have actually thought about those cards... :D

@goodknite Why datasucker? I found I am no making enough runs to capitalize on them, additionally I dont have the synergy of Security Testing, Desparado, and/or John. Have you ever tried Andy without Datasucker? I know many people afraid to let it go. Money trumps tokens IMO, and FWIW I have since added a Femme Fetal, so I like your idea there. I also play 2 Mr. Li and The Makers Eye. A few other changes too, might post an update. Anyway, thanks for the comments.

@hookgrip Depends on what they are trying to do. Utopia Shard will be an Ace in the Hole to potentially breakup any Panic Button/Reuse/Accelerated Diagnostics combos. You have to make as many multi access runs as you can on HQ and R&D, One nice thing in your favor is that CI takes a long time to set up their combos usually. That should give you ample time to set up for your rig and start steamrolling centrals FTW.

@dmartel Likewise... So happy it actually works well for once. :)

@voltorocks Awesome comment! The way I see all runners are weak to astrochain, I have since added The Makers Eye to get more R&D accesses, and it definitely helps win games. I'd say I have this deck performing pretty close to as good as anything else out there to stop Astrochain.

I love that you crossed it over to Ian. I could totally see how the 2 creds per turn are a great way to get you out of a bad start. I think that's probably truly the worst weakness now, which is potentially slow starts if I get a bad opening hand. At any rate, I think I get enough good opening hands to justify playing Andy. Thanks for the comments!

27 Feb 2015 TechnoZ

Hey @Nordrunner, do you think that 3x Kati could replace 3x dirty laundry, or do you think that DL is really important to the deck?

27 Feb 2015 voltorocks

I can't speak to nord's preference, but I'm always loathe to cut DL from andy - such a great turn 1 card, where it can be hard to balance a desire to check remotes/unprotected centrals and use enough cards to not need to discard anything good. They also provide easy early money in a deck whose economy is weakest early on and insanely strength later in the game.

If I were going to replace them, personally, I'd probably look at bank job - the deck doesn't need help with it's turn-over-turn econ, but a big burst could be useful at any stage of the game.

1 Mar 2015 sruman

As a data point to rising popularity outside of NetrunnerDB, I was at the 401 games Store Championship yesterday (Toronto) and saw the deck at least twice. Which is more than I saw switchblade Andy (1) or Andysucker (0) and that was in a sea of MaXX and Kate. Not cetainly on final placing but I believe 1 of Nords new Andromeda decks was in the top-4 and the other in the top 16 of a fairly well attended tournament (29 players and, imho, a strong meta).

Given the high # of likes, favourites, and comments. I'm certain it's been taken to other SCs, but wanted to pass along what saw yesterday.

2 Mar 2015 Nordrunner

@TechnoZ I think Dirty laundry is one of the cards you can play around with in terms of card switching. I really only put it in for a little "now" economy, and first turn flexibility. I have actually taken them out, but I do miss them on occasion. The problem with them is that they don't usually do a whole lot mid-late game. I think Kati is worth considering, its (ironically) going to be pretty decent early game for this deck. I do find myself clicking for creds somewhat often, so those could be Kati clicks. On the flip side, I don't mind clicking for creds all that much as I am usually getting a bunch of clickless credits anyway.

@voltorocks Bank job is an interesting call, definitely a powerful burst if it fires.

@sruman Really appreciate this comment, thanks for the update, love to see my babies succeeding in the real world... :D

7 Mar 2015 yosuv

I play all this deck with Iain Stirling, and this deck rules!!! Works with this ID too.

25 Mar 2015 futureguy

New player and loving this deck archetype. I build a far inferior version of this deck not knowing "Supplier Andy" was a decktype so I'm pretty proud of myself but It really needs work/inspriration. Nordrunner, I am wondering what changes have you make to your current version of this deck?

30 Apr 2015 hi_impact

RIP nordrunner we luv'd u

-3 Dirty Laundry, -1 Faerie, -1 ProCo, -1 Logos, -1 Inside Job

+3 Career Fair because it's another Sure Gamble, +3 Earthrise to fix the ass-backwards draw, +1 Vamp for the cancer that is RP/Caprice.

Feedback Filter/Utopia flex.

RIP nordrunner if you're out there playin' hearthstone ur dead to me m80

1 May 2015 Nordrunner

Fear not @scourged, for I have been resurrected. And... Nordrunner loves you too! :D

1 May 2015 linuxmaier

@Nordrunner And lo, he did come again to the people and give unto them his hyper effective deck ideas.

Hope to see you at I'm Board sometime soon.

1 May 2015 hi_impact

@Nordrunner Woohoo! Breaks happen, friend. Hope to see you make some sick decks with the new cycle, it shows a lot of promise.

27 May 2015 Ver

Any chance for You posting the updated version someday?