SC Season Leela

jakodrako 1554

3rd at 2015 Game Gurus Store Championship in Seattle. Refining for further competition.

20 Feb 2015 grimgravyboat

@jakodrako Nice to see Lawyer Up in a competitive build. How are you liking it after Account Siphon? I assume that's the only time you ever use it, unless knee deep in a Midseasons swamp. Seems like it could potentially earn its keep though. Rest of the deck is lean and looks strong.

20 Feb 2015 jakodrako

Lawyer Up is working really well so far. This build has a tendency to go tag-me early game in order to keep up the Account Siphon aggression, but after the first few punches needs to quickly need to back off the tags and get Kati Jones rolling. An earlier build had Paper Tripping in those slots, but it just wasn't very good. Lawyer Up is also great in Jinteki match-ups to draw up before checking something that might cause damage.