Yogdor the Burninator

drmastodon 99

Another variation on the Yog.0saurus + Datasucker + Paintbrush theme. I've had some good success with this deck, and am usually able to get most of the rig running fairly quickly. Scavenge gives flexibility to run Yog.0 early on its own and then reinstall onto Dinosaurus when ready, as well as the usual combo with Test Run, and ability to reset D4v1d and Femme when needed.

Ideal Draw:

Test Run, Scavenge, Modded, DinoSaurus, Code Siphon - would get Yog.0saurus up turn 1, and set up a code siphon for paintbrush turn two, or turn one if you want to YOLO with a tag and no cards at the end of your turn. Never going to happen, but I can dream, right?


  • Weak against traces.

  • Low Econ. This is mitigated by the fact that Yog.0, Datasucker and Paintbrush don't cost credits to use.

  • Low Memory.

Possible changes:

  • Swapping out Leprechaun & a SMC to add Dyson Memory Chips for link strength & memory.

  • Splashing I've had Worse (Drop 1 Yog.0, Femme & Parasite) to replace the Plastcretes and Net Shield and adding more events.

27 Feb 2015 jrees

This looks cool. Love the name. Have you thought about adding Lockpick to supplement the low econ? Maybe in exchange for a Clone Chip or Net Shield?

And then Yogdor comes in the niiiiiiiiiiiight . . . .

27 Feb 2015 Sashdoes

So why no cyber cypher recursion instead ?

27 Feb 2015 Groovicron

Instead of Parasite and D4v1d you could try some Same Old Spooning?

Not had a chance to test yet but here's my attempt at it with Refractor instead of Yog.0 netrunnerdb.com

27 Feb 2015 syntaxbad

"Yogdor was a woman! She was a ROBOT woman... uhh... maybe she was just a Robot... butshewasstillYOOOOOOGDOOOOOOOOR!!!!"

Ahem. SoI had the (dis)pleasure of getting rolled by this deck in person the other night and I can tell you it is quite infuriating. I was playing HB and laying the ice on thick, yet still could not keep Kit out. The power lies in two aspects:

1) the deck doesn't require much economy once it gets started, so it can keep the tempo and pressure going without having to stop often to catch its economic breath; and

2) Kit's ability forces the corp to spread itself thin stacking ice on every server of relevance. And just when you've managed to get at least 2 deep on your servers, she's managed to find paintbrush, at which point even 3 rezzed ice on a server won't stop her if she wants to get in. That let's her fire off nasty central-specific run events with impunity.

So on to suggestions, much as it pains me to help someone I play routinely to make their deck MORE of a hassle to deal with.

1) I think you may be able to drop the code siphons. With 3 SMC and 3 Test Run (and 2 Yog) you have a pretty good chance of getting your Yog early. I would replace them maybe with raw card draw, either Diesel or maybe Earthrise Hotel (though since you are trying to run lower econ, maybe Diesel).

2) I don't think you need to worry about memory and can probably drop the Leprechaun. Yog.0 will be on Dinosaurus in short order so won't take memory space. You'll need a permanent 2 MU for Paintbrush, but after that it is mostly disposable programs or things you'll only need in specific situations. And since you have full sets of Clone Chips and Scavenges you can afford to trash something mid game if you have an urgent need to install or re-install a Femme Fatale when you're at full memory. The MU would be nice, but doesn't seem worth dedicated deck slots.

3) Given your low inf limit, I might consider dropping the 1 D4v1d, in favor of rounding out your set of Datasuckers and adding 1 more Parasite. I think you could drop Escher if you need space. Not sure what else Id drop for room. But the idea is that Datasuckers are execellent with Yog's fixed strength AND with Atman, who is in there to be a backstop for things you can't handle with Yog or for when you face a deep server and don't have to clicks to paint everything. And while I'm looking, I noticed you only have 2 Sure Gamble. I don't see a reason why you wouldn't want a full set.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Now I'm going to have to go and rework my HB deck so that I don't keep losing horribly to you.

"Burninating the SanSan! Burninating the clones! Burninating the corporate wage slaves in their beige plascrete cubicles!!! BEIGEPLASCRETECUBICLLLLLLLLLLLLLLES!!!!!!!!"

27 Feb 2015 drmastodon

Thanks for all of the feedback!

@jrees Lockpick can only be used on decoders, and since Yog.0 costs nothing to use I don't really have much use for it.

@Sashdoes I thought about it, but wanted to build a deck that costs little to run and has flexibility so I can keep constant pressure on. I find Cyber-Cypher too limiting and counting on recursion to reset to a new server would slow things down.

@Groovicron I thought about running a variation of that but decided to run Parasite for ice destruction instead due to the low influence and easy recursion.

@syntaxbad 1) I kept Code Siphon in vs Diesel since its a very easy way to install Paintbrush once Yog.0saurus is running. It's also a good way to defray the cost of Femme Fatale if you need to load it on another server. 2) I like having a daemon since its a good place to install SMCs or paintbrush and frees up memory for extra breakers or Parasite but you make a good point. 3) Your HB deck is kind of why D4v1d is in there. Having eaten a lot of brain damage off of a Heimdall 2.0 in Awakening Center, I figured it would be good to have D4v1d on hand for that situation or if I had to face a strong piece of ice that was rezzed before I could paint it. Escher is key to a deck like this and I've been thinking about adding another copy. Did you think your server was safe with 4 pieces of ice on it? Well, they're all code gates now. You may remember it from the game I won against you when I had 3 brain damage and rearranged R&D for easier access. As for the sure gamble, it doesn't cost me anything to run, and I figured daily casts will build up enough cash over time to balance. I was thinking of adding Paricia for prepaid trashing credits though.