Classy Waltz 1st NZ Nats (5:2:0)

EthosNZ 243


NZ Nats 2019 happened during MWL3.1

NZ has it's Nats late (or early your choice) so that people have more time to decide if they wish to go to worlds

All credit goes to @qvm for this list all I did was add 2("Baklan" Bochkin) and remove 1(E-Shutdown) and 1(Inside Job)

I have been addicted to playing Leela ever since @divadus kicked my ass with her back when she first came out, @divadus showed me this list when i was asking for help with nats and as I used to play a lot of "endless waltz" Leela I new I wanted to take it.

Some Card Thoughts

Engolo - I think we all know by now how powerful this breaker is well worth the 4 inf if you can fit it.

"Baklan" Bochkin - Even in the games I didn't pop him he's powerful once he hits the board he messes with the corps math and "forces" them to play differently + works with data sucker.

Career Fair - If you not running Corp Grant you need this paying +2 on each resource sucks, might even recommend swapping for the Grants as there are a lot of potential triggers.


This deck didn't lose a match though it did get 2 timed ties one of which was in the top cut and as I was the high seed got the victory. The victorys include two games against @RJorb's MTI which I consider a bad match.

MTI - this is probably the decks toughest match up not only does MTI partially negate your ID but they basically always run Scarcity which is brutal without a counter current and a lot of resources, if they drop it early you need to pressure hard to get a steal doesn't matter if you take some bad hits on the way it needs to be done. even if they don't drop the Scarcity however you need to be aggressive MTI will win the late game in this matchup you need to put the pressure on luckily this is what Leela and this deck are tech'd to do.

Weyland Kill - this is the other main matchup I saw and was expecting, I think this deck is favored (not extremely) to win you still need to play smart (duhh) but with the Diversions and alot of early pressure potential you can typically keep them in check till you get the win.


With MTI gone in the new mwl im guessing this deck will only get better (relatively)

If you like playing deck that rewards good fundamentals while also having interesting lines of play you really can't do better than some "reg ass" Leela

30 Apr 2019 qvm

Thanks for the shout out and congrats on the win!

Also agree with your analysis that post MWL 3.2 this will get stronger. In general, the deck has a bunch of flex slots anyway, so one should be able to tweak this to their liking and/or meta.