Good Day, Sir! v1.2

lolpaca 1243

A much more aggressive version, replacing Box-E with The Toolbox and adding HQI to complement R&DI. The plan's simple: spend the first couple of turns setting up the econ engine (in most cases you can get it up and running by turn 2, turn 3 tops); jack for credits (lol) while digging up The Toolbox, and from then on, install breakers on Snitch's advice and start making some some seriously affordable runs.

It's important to remember too that you don't need all 3 Au Revoirs on the table before you start pressuring. 2 Au Revoirs is a Magnum Opus. 2 Au Revoirs with Snitch is a Magnum Opus with benefits. Keep the Corp off-balance and too scared to attempt scoring - knowing every piece of ice on the board completely undercuts their advantage.

All the breakers apart from Femme are cheap and efficient: maybe it's just me, but I was finding the higher-cost breakers were discouraging me from setting up my rig and running. And run you should, cos this is deck is scary fast.

Obligatory card discussion:

Rachel Beckman: A flex slot that was originally a Datasucker, but is actually a really nice surprise in this deck. Because of Snitch, you're much less likely to get tagged unless you allow yourself to be, so you can play around Data Ravens, etc. An extra click per turn when you're clicking for 3 credits a time? Yespls.

CyberSolutions Mem Chip x 2: You only need one, but I'd rather eat the higher install cost and find it quicker than run 2 Akamatsu Mem Chip and waste time digging for them both. And If The Toolbox is proving elusive, 2 of these is all you need to run your full suite.

Corroder: Could be the only slightly less efficient Snowball instead, freeing up 2 influence. But I just love seeing Corroder.

Gordian Blade: Could and probably should be a Torch, I just haven't had any games yet where high-strength code gates were a problem, and the lower cost encourages me to install it quicker and start with the wreckin'.

Atman/Mimic/Femme Fatale: Mimic & Atman at 4 neutralises any sentries below 5 str, if needed. 5+ sentries are a pain, but when are they not? You can always Scavenge to reset Femme/Atman as needed.

Personal Workshop: Still not 100% on this, but I love it when it's useful. For one, it's a place to chuck your hardware in those early turns when you've overdrawn and need every credit for the econ rig. But it also has awesome synergy with bad publicity: since you run for your credits, bad pub's effectively adding an extra credit every time you do. You've scored a Hostile Takeover? Guess I'll be clicking for 4 credits for the rest of the game then. Pretty gangster.

5 Mar 2015 afishisborn

I like it! Just a quick note: If you're using Snitch to jack out, there's no window to spend the bad pub. Not a huge deal, but a little sad.

5 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Ah, really? That sucks, but it does make Workshop a little easier to part with. Maybe +1 Test Run and +1 Scavenge instead then, it's a monster with Femme and more tutors/recursion just makes it hit that much quicker.

5 Mar 2015 lolpaca

+2 Modded would also be a decent shout, as it fulfils much the same purpose as Personal Workshop (clearing an overdrawn hand) cheaper and faster.