Goodbye to You. Card Kingdom Store Championship 1st Place

afishisborn 2810

Obligatory shoutout to Card Kingdom. This was the deck I ran in their tournament 2/28/15 alongside Tennin. This deck suffered 1 loss in 5 rounds of swiss and in 1 loss in the finals.

Lemme get this out of the way; I love dumpy cards. I'm attached to Ekomind in an unhealthy way, and I'm still trying to make Record Reconstructor do something... anything.

So you can understand why I was drawn to Au Revoir. What does this card even do? Give you some room to second guess yourself vs PE? No. This card is super opus.

The initial play is simple. Draw aggressively until you have some combination of three of Au Revoir, SMC, and Clone Chip (It should be noted that Clone Chip needs at least one SMC here). 9/10 games, you'll have this ready by turn three. Also, while drawing, you should find a Personal Workshop. Toss programs and hardware onto the PW as you get ready for your magnum opus. Sorry, monster opus. At this point, you have either ~9 credits thanks to Sure Gambles and Daily Casts, or you have Stimhack. Either spend your creds or Stimhack an empty server, but either way, tutor out all of your Au Revoir. Make runs on unprotected servers. Jack out. Make 12 credits in a turn.

This will freak the corp out a little bit. They'll start icing everything. This is good. This is what Snitch is for. Yes. that's what Snitch is for.

Since they've been spending more time than usual icing servers, ice is going to be spread a little thin. And Snitch will tell you which ice is where, all the while rewarding you with 3 credits every time. By now, incidentally, you should have Box-E out. For real. You'll need it.

Listen, the biggest issue this deck has is memory. Super Opus takes up four precious mu, leaving only one open for a breaker. This is why Box-E is your console. The +2mu it provides is essential to having a complete rig up. Also, since you've been drawing so aggressively, and since you're drug-usage has taken a toll on your brain, you'll appreciate the extra hand size.

Anyway, once you have your economy set up, things get bonkers. R&D lock is easier when you can click for 9 credits and run each turn, and Weyland is much less scary when you outpace their economy effortlessly. RP may as well be a blank ID by the mid-game, as clicking for 3 credits before running on remotes... well, who could have a problem with that?

Nothing else in this deck is particularly janky. Standard breakers. Play Torch if they have scary code gates, otherwise Zu is fine. Lady will probably be the only fracter you need, but if she runs out, Snowball can keep you going. Yeah.

Now go forth, and then turn around and come back. And make three credits.

1 Mar 2015 CJFM

Congrats on the well-deserved win! This deck is a monster!

1 Mar 2015 gotsanity

Loved seeing this deck tonight. I ran the blue sun/maxx against you and this was a delightful change of meta. I love seeing jank at the top tables. My hat is off to you sir.

1 Mar 2015 Tomonaldo

I really love the idea of this deck! Well done. Top jank.

1 Mar 2015 SlayerCNV

Ty for sharing this. Something tells me that Au Revoir was not that bad. Now I know what it was. Ty.

1 Mar 2015 Dydra

so .... a server can't be empty and unprotected, because that would mean the server doesn't exist. For a server to exist, it has either to have a card installed in it, or, something protecting it. ;)

The deck looks really original, although I saw the Snitch + Au Revoir idea a while ago ... happy to see that it is able to do something

How do you play against remoteless or glaciar decks? Just run central and jack out on their first ICE?

Btw, something to note since a lot of people keep forgetting it Neural EMP doesn't care if the run is successful or unsuccessful ... :) as long as you run -pew-pew-pew

1 Mar 2015 afishisborn

Right. I did mean unprotected server, I just have a nasty habit of calling them empty. Often, the best target is archives, since who ices archives against shaper?

Glacier decks are generally the strongest matchups for this deck. Once I'm confident they're not trying to fast advance something, I can ease the pressure and focus on rig building and making stupid amounts of money. Since I have no HQ pressure outside of Vamp, I'll leave HQ ice unrezzed and continually snitch it and jack out, making runs approximately every other turn on R&D depending upon how often they click to draw.

Neural EMP -and- Power Shutdown. Power Shutdown in particular is a bit of a bother, but since clone chips are almost exclusively used as extra SMCs, it's not unusual to have extras to bring your Au Revoir back when they get trashed.

1 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@gotsanity I really enjoyed those games too. Even when you flatlined me with that insane overwriter.

1 Mar 2015 Dydra

Well, actually I meant remoteless fast advances ... Atlas Train deck (with Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future ) or Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within decks ... is there something else? NEH FA I guess ...

1 Mar 2015 afishisborn

NEH usually has remotes, so that's not a bother. If they score an Astro, it sucks, but you can lock down R&D more easily than most other corps. Against Tennin fast advance, R&D can be a more casual affair, as they need a lot more time and tools than most other FA decks. Atlas Train can be a problem though. Luckily, this deck can run itself pretty well as a standard stimshop CT for a few early turns and pressure R&D hard. FA is not a great matchup overall though. You basically have to win out of R&D, which turns into a game of chance in many cases.

1 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Very nice deck :) Since you say memory's too tight to mention, are you tempted to just go YOLO and ditch the Plascretes/Filter for some Akamatsus?

1 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@lolpacaNo way, haha. Feedback Filter and Plascrete have saved me so many times vs PE and Blue Sun respectively. Honestly, I'm really leaning towards replacing a single Clone Chip with a single Akamatsu. I've got no disposable programs save SMC, so Clone Chip is actually not tremendously important. The single extra memory in the late game allows me to keep Atman on the table (I often install it off of Workshop for early accesses, then trash it when the rest of the suite comes online) while its mere existence increases the chances of having enough early memory to break through most servers.

I did once try going yolo without Plascrete, but I found that if I want to run at least semi-often, I'm likely to drop below Blue Sun's insane credit-potential, even with my ridiculous economy.

1 Mar 2015 Shielsy

@afishisborn this is so slick. sweet idea.

2 Mar 2015 StarryVeck

@afishisborn This looks great - Two quick questions:

Are big sentries a problem? Paying to break Archer with Femme is a bit urgh.

Is Atman going down at strength 4? Sorry, haven't really used Atman before but I understand this is the way to go.


2 Mar 2015 StLion

So can you jack out with Snitch on rezzed ICE? What my question really is: can you still click for 3 creds with 1 rezzed ice on each central and no remotes? Also: Can they rez when you snitch? I'm guessing not but timing windows always seem hard to navigate.

2 Mar 2015 Enzayne

@StLion: No to all of your questions. Snitch does not interact with rezzed ICE, and getting locked out in the manner you suggest is therefore theoretically possible. They cannot rez the ICE while you expose it with Snitch IF you jack out.

2 Mar 2015 TheBizarreBioroid


The point of this deck's combo is to generate absurd amounts of money. So yes, femme is expensive and inefficient, but it's ability is very useful, you can stimhack it into play off the workshop/smc and the increased cost should be ok when you're clicking for 3 credits at a time.

There are a lot of widely used good ice at str 4, but I assume atman is @afishisborn's silver bullet, that counters anything giving him/her trouble (such as the archer you mentioned). He/she also mentioned above that atman can be used for early accesses, as it can be installed off the workshop to break any ice, regardless of subtype.

2 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@TheBizarreBioroid Exactly what you said. Most games, Atman doesn't come out at all, but when it does, it's usually clutch and often secures a win. Nebula and Grim giving you problems? Atman. Archer and Asteroid Belt? Atman.

Spending 12 credits to break through an Archer is pretty bad, but then, it's only 4 credits more than it would take a Garrote, which is arguably the most efficient regular killer out there. Archer is just a problem for everyone, and it's not a good test of a killer's ability.

2 Mar 2015 lolpaca

How essential is Stimhack? I know it plays well with Personal Workshop and helps to get the econ engine out, but I'm thinking you could go -2 Stim, -1 Snowball, +1 Corroder, +2 Akamatsu to smooth out those memory issues. Maybe it's just my aversion to Stimhack talking though :P

2 Mar 2015 Katsushika

I really like this list!! Would probably want a Legwork over a Vamp though as there's no HQ pressure really. I don't play much with Vamp though, is it necessary?

2 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@lolpaca Honestly, I'm not sure how important Stimhack is. It's nice to see early, especially if Sure Gambles have not been forthcoming, but once my engine is set up, credits are not hard to come by honestly. If I took out the Stimhacks, I might take some ideas from an earlier build that ran Doppelganger instead of Box-E and find room for a few Akamatsus. That build didn't have the draw power nor the workshops and hence took far too long to set up, but Doppelganger was really strong, and I'd like to give it another whirl. Run R&D and make 12 credits? Yes please.

2 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@Mr Plague Legwork vs Vamp is a struggle. Vamp with tons of credits is really good against RP, allowing you to break into a Caprice server without having to worry about psi game shenanigans. At the same time, econ this good puts the fear of Jebus into many corps, and agendas do tend to pile in hand a bit. I think they're both great, and I wish I had the influence for each.

2 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Played a few games tonight and it is a beast indeed. Even on the game when I got majorly deck-screwed and it took til about turn 7 or 8 to set up, I was still able to put on enough pressure that I wasn't just twiddling my thumbs.

I really feel like it needs a couple of Akamatsus though: so many times I wanted to SMC and was 1 mem off. I think maybe Daily Cats could be dropped too, and I'm not mad on Femme as the only killer.

Stimhack and Vamp are both nice and did good work tonight, but I'm gonna try a few variations and see how they play out. Definitely a lot of fun to tinker with!

3 Mar 2015 TheRyanBurke

Michelle Branch reference? :)

3 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@lolpacaHave fun experimenting! There are lots of possibilities I have yet to explore here.

3 Mar 2015 Claytron

@TheRyanBurke Scandal dude. '82. Kids these days.... :p

Also, I love it, I'm going to have to give it a whirl.

3 Mar 2015 4dd150n

Another week, another mind-blowing and unique Shaper deck. I love this.

Now please help me get that damn song out of my head.

3 Mar 2015 sruman

I often pack 2 plascretes myself but with 3 diesel, 2 qt and 40 card deck do you need both you think? Against weyland would it make more sense to just 1 stimhack once and find the plascrete (probably fairly quickly) ? Might free up space for a 3rd RDI or Makers Eye, etc.

3 Mar 2015 afishisborn

A single Plascrete is doable, but not finding it early can paralyze you against many Weyland builds. What I would prefer is to run one Plascrete and one Utopia Shard, which I took out from the prior version along with a third Stimhack to make room for Vamp. Honestly, I think I prefer the Shard, as it gives me a decent way to pressure HQ in matchups where Scorch is not a threat.

3 Mar 2015 Fry

What's the jank factor on switching Box-E to Monolith? Best case it saves you 3 clicks of installing (at 3 per click) and 12 on install costs, which is actually a profit on installing your memory! Even in a more tame case of two installs for 7 (Atman/Snitch plus any one breaker) you're still effectively only paying 5 for 3MU.

3 Mar 2015 lolpaca

@Fry that is so goddam janky. I love it

4 Mar 2015 Synesios

Congratz !

4 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@FryIf you can get it to work, you would be my hero. I tried running a variant of Big Girls Play With Monoliths, but it felt like there was too much anti-synergy, as a third of the programs available to pitch to Freelance were parts of the econ engine that I wanted on the board instead.

4 Mar 2015 Andannius

Have you considered switching the Box-E out for The Toolbox? Same MU, and once you have your terrifying combo pieces out you shouldn't take much of a tempo hit to install it. Unless you really feel like you need the extra hand size it seems like a good option given that it also gives you influence back and other nice bonuses.

4 Mar 2015 sruman

I thought of Toolbox too (going to make it work in something dammit ...). But if you're stimhacking your brains out to setup then the hand size does help. Plus the re-occurring credits aren't needed with the econ engine up. The link would be useful in certain situations but probably can just laugh at traces with your giant piles of goodbye-money. Probably the best reason would be to save the influence for another HQ attack option (but I guess you do need a server you never want the ice rezzed on :)

4 Mar 2015 lolpaca

I recently switched to Toolbox in my version of this and so far it's working like a champ. Also, Rachel Beckman is turning into a surprise MVP considering I just tossed her in because I had a spare point of influence.

4 Mar 2015 StarryVeck

@lolpaca Beckman is a good call. I've taken out Vamp and the Daily Casts for a CyberSolutions Mem Chip, Net Shield and a New Angeles City Hall. CMC means you can get that Atman out alongside your full Snitch/Au Revoir set-up, and all your other breakers (and Net Shield). Net Shield is there as I got beasted by a PE deck at the weekend and the thought of smashing into R&D with a boatload of money and being all YOLO up in that hizzle is too amazing. NACH will be nice to draw and if it comes out and finds it way to the table alongside Net Shield and Feedback Filter, the deck basically becomes unstoppable. Run with total impunity. Not going to happen every game but if/when it does happen HELLO.

5 Mar 2015 ewige

I played a similar deck last night (same econ and tutor package) and boy, is it bonkers. There is only a week 'til our SC and I'm seriously considering running this over my tried and true Gabe deck. The risk-free information edge that comes with this setup is crazy.

6 Mar 2015 king_mob

This looks like perfect NEH FA hate if im honest. Getting econ off of the fact they are installing many undefended remotes, i like.

7 Mar 2015 Shishu

Do not take bad pub against this deck. You will hate life.

7 Mar 2015 Kroen

Question: What do you once your main economy engine is shut down? this can happen against a deck with only one remote (like Blue Sun) that eventually gets to a point when all ICE is rezzed.

7 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@KroenThis almost never happens. I've even had opponents aggressively draw to find their Executive Boot Camps in order to try and rez ice protecting archives or HQ, but usually the tempo hit is enough that I can pull the win out while they put all their time in to trying to turn off my econ.

When they do manage to rez ice over every server though, there's usually at least one outermost piece of ice that can be broken for one credit. Running, breaking the ice, and jacking out still nets you Opus cash. Also, it puts them in a position where installing any more ice turns your economy right back on, so it puts the game into a sort of standstill for the corp.

7 Mar 2015 Kroen

Very nice! here's have my like

7 Mar 2015 lolpaca

@Kroen I've considered about including a single Magnum Opus as backup econ for exactly that situation, but as afishisborn says, it tends to hurt them more than you anyway. It is something to think about though, especially if they manage to get taxing ice on the outermost edge of every server.

7 Mar 2015 Monge Cravos

Did you think about adding Scheherazade to host your Au Revoir/snitch/smc/everything? anyway, nice deck, congrats.

8 Mar 2015 Jigokuro

So I'm taking out the Vamp for Beckman (testing that, anyway) and with the extra influence I was assuming Utopia Shard as mentioned here, but I decided to search 'n:1 d:r' just to see all my options and noticed Crescentus. This completely stops the corp from shutting down your econ by rezing outer ice. I'm also adding a mem chip so space isn't an issue, and just 1 is fine since you'll probably not need all 3 clones on SMCs. Seems to fit perfectly, but historically speaking I suck, so what are your thoughts, dear reader? Is it good? more good than a shard?

8 Mar 2015 lolpaca

@Jigokuro Sounds like a good solution if you have a spare point of influence, and it's great for your Archers and the like too. An in-faction option could be Escher, which potentially awesome in all kinds of situations (especially with stuff like Atman), but it does rely on you being to be able to get into R&D.

8 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Get into HQ, I should have said. That's even better, since R&D's the main target. Hmmm...

8 Mar 2015 Pinkwarrior

I love this idea. I also like cards that are given little love that's one reason i play The Professor: Keeper of Knowledge alot. I am glade you got it working.

10 Mar 2015 MapleHutt

As a fellow janker, I truly approve of this deck. Congrats on the Store Championship win with it! This is an inspiring level of jank.

I'm still dreaming of the day Bug, Muresh Bodysuit, and Record Reconstructor make it into winning decks.

11 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@MapleHutt I'm still dreaming of Doppelganger, Rachel Beckman, and Record Reconstructor keeping the corp in a standstill while I figure out what I'm actually doing with my life.

11 Mar 2015 CreativeChaos88

I am not much of a net decker, and am constantly against doing so, but this deck made me stop what I was doing and build it. The econ engine is insane, the philosophy behind it amazing, and the tools it uses are genius to say the least. I swapped a few things around, traded the Clone Chip for an Akamatsu Mem Chip, swapped one of the Stimhack for Escher, and took out Vamp for Indexing, but I may swap that around a bit. I was also curious why ZU.13 Key Master instead of Gordian? After extensive testing with Tennin Code Gates, Gordian is the most efficient decoder as long as there is at least 2 on a server. Love the Snowball include, and love the deck idea in general. Grats on the win!

11 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@CreativeChaos88 Zu is there in case the corp tries to rush out agendas early, and it's also all the decoder you need against some decks. Torch is the late-game decoder you want if they're running bigger code gates like Lotus Field and Merlin. Gordian Blade would be my choice if I were just running one decoder, but the combination of Torch and Zu is just too efficient.

11 Mar 2015 CreativeChaos88

@afishisborn Gotcha. Putting it that way, I definitely see the synergy, but was unsure with the MU issues what the reasoning was.

12 Mar 2015 voltorocks


This deck is f-ing bananas. Not sure I would ever take it to a tourney (maybe post-clot? the biggest risk with this deck seems to be losing to astrotrain Bulls**t before you're up and operational)

SO much fun! I just played it against a Blue Sun, from like turn 4 he was holding SEA +3x scorch, and couldn't use it for like 7 turns b/c I was sitting on like 15 credits more than him.

I'm recommending this deck to anyone who likes running rich - I'm running the doppleganger variant and 15cr/turn (your first click is 6 credits!) is beyond imagining.

I think you're missing an opportunity by not including Escher in here -- influence free HQ pressure (kind of) that allows you to blow huge holes in servers, and generally ruin a corp's day, especially with snitch telling you exactly what every ICE is!

Anyways, just wanted to stop by and thank you so, so much for this ridiculous CT deck, just as I was desperate for a fun way to play CT with her new alt art :D

12 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@voltorocks Just FYI, doppelganger requires a successful run, so while you can't make 15 creds in a turn, you can make 12 credits and a real run. Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the deck!

15 Mar 2015 Kroen

Anyone made a viable Au Revoir deck in criminal?

15 Mar 2015 lolpaca

Yeah, I've been kicking around ideas for an Andy variant I think could work well. Forged Activation Orders and Crescentus come to mind.

15 Mar 2015 voltorocks

@afishisborn ah, yes - it did seem a bit too good to be true (take one tag). Well, at least that frees the influence back up :D

@Kroen Maybe andromeda could do it, but the SMCs alone are 9 influnce, not to mention the memory could probably need to import, and even then it leaves you with only 6 cards that can turn into an au revoir or snitch, versus the 9 in the CT version.

drop the SMCs and even Andromeda is gonna be digging- the issue is that until you get at least 3 pieces out this engine is flatly worse than MO, so unless you can get it out in a real hurry (as, imo, only green can reliably) it's not gonna do you much good.

TLDR; while it seems like a lot of blue influnce in this deck, most of the parts to this deck are green, and higher influence cost that the blue parts. I think it'd be demonstrably worse off as a crim deck.

25 Mar 2015 SlySquid

Wow, loving thing deck! Well done good sir...

29 Mar 2015 afishisborn

@SlySquid Glad you're enjoying it! I've had a lot of fun playing this deck.

31 Mar 2015 saracenus

I posted my version of this deck with some play instructions. @afishisborn, thank you so much for showing me the way to make CT truly scary.

So Long, And Thanks For The Coelacanth v.22.03

Versions 22.01 and 22.02 were not fully formed but showed me where I could take your deck.