Revamped Monolith

Jandersoncad 1014

A revamp on Girls play with Monolith. Inject makes it insane. Anyway opinions and critics welcomed.

17 Mar 2015 SQUIDwarrior

Mmm...This looks like fun.

18 Mar 2015 DavidMac

Taking this for a run- great idea.

18 Mar 2015 Dydra

How this works exactly? Inject will trash your programs that you draw, so you are neither able to freelance them, nor monolith them :\

18 Mar 2015 Jandersoncad

The idea is Inject early to load your hand with draw cards. The deck takes some getting use to but due to the number of programs if a few pieces get trashed its fine. You do actively need to keep count what's in your heap. But Clone Chip out missing pieces right before you Levy AR Lab Access. With Inject its not hard to dig 10+ cards deep turn 1. That's 15 cards gone and a freelance usually for 8-10 plus whatever you mill with Inject.

18 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

With that much draw, do you really need 3x Monolith? I know you want to squeeze a couple more programs in there...

18 Mar 2015 Jandersoncad

Lol true but a lot of time I pitch 2 monolith if I need to. It seems to run fine. Idk. Maybe -1 monolith add one Escher

18 Mar 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Run R&D expensively once, then Escher to make R&D only code gates and Keyhole on through with Gordian Blade for several turns... this is a good plan.