Is Gagarin Good? .dec (4-2 @ Worlds 2021)

thebigunit3000 2740

For my Runner deck, with interesting (to me) deckbuilding insights, click here.

This deck was born out of the SBL playtest deck that was tuned by myself, anarchomushroom, CableCarnage, and other brave testers. The general idea was to rush early against runners who rightly want to avoid Hard-Hitting News threats, while also threatening to fast advance the remaining points with tools like Dedication Ceremony on any Reconstruction Contract that stays on the table. As a general rule of thumb for the deck, if you're not scoring the first agenda naked, you're probably doing it wrong.

Much of the innovation done since the first iteration of the deck was done by my fellow teammates. Wall to Wall was swapped in for Mumba Temple once we determined that the deck sorely needed more clickless draw. The agenda suite tinkering helped a lot, shrinking two points with Global Food Initiative helped shore up defenses and 2x Hostile Takeover ensured that the deck could speed up once the runner starts controlling the board more. The Drafters in the first iteration were a lot more of a potent facecheck, but with two GFIs the deck has every influence pip except for 3 spoken for, with three 1-influence HB cards necessary to include.

Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful Worlds 2021 possible, but especially:

  • My fellow Snare Bears, who provided endless support, advice, camaraderie, and memes to rocket us to the top of the Worlds.
  • My beach house mates, who performed exceptionally well in Worlds as well as Netrunner Dream Crush.
  • My fellow meta-mates from the BosWash area, as well as the Slack community at large, whose continued interest in the game continues to keep its competitive scene thriving.
  • The Standard Balance Team, whose members created a exceptionally vibrant and diverse meta. Nothing is perfect, but I think games are much more exciting than in the Vacheron Era, and the meta still appears to be far from solved.
  • Those at NISEI, from and devs to Slack/Discord moderators to judges to casters, who help sustain the community to such a degree that we can continue to have these big, fun events.
24 Nov 2021 anarchomushroom

Seeing two different kinds of Gagarin do well at worlds warmed my heart. I'm glad snare bears refined the "tempo" gag deck, this looks sick as fuck. Congrats on an excellent finish!