Beach Party Before Exam

gloomy85 591

This is a Double event Hayley deck that uses Game Day + Beach Party to draw and eventually find all your combo pieces (Adjusted Chronotype, Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Starlight Crusade Funding) and have crazy click efficiency.

This deck has the burst economy/draw to ensure that you have the credits/cards to keep up with Haley’s installing speed. You really want to have Comet and Game Day with Beach Party early so you can quickly play your events for money and cards. In addition, Hayley’s ability will continue to trigger throughout the game even after you setup your rig, since you will be using Levy to get your All-nighter and Ghost Runner back.

I only run 1 copy of Adjusted Chronotype, Gene Conditioning Shoppe and Starlight Crusade Funding because I am trying to reduce the dead draws to a minimum. This way I can quickly play all the cards in my hand, then play Game Day to draw back up. With Comet and Hayley’s ability, the deck still runs smoothly even with only 3 clicks per turn.

I run Wanton Destruction and Utopia Shard for HQ threat. Wanton Destruction was a natural choice because of the All-nighters.

21 Apr 2015 johncraven

good stuff Dr.

21 Apr 2015 ThroneRunner

This deck looks like it will be a lot of fun

21 Apr 2015 decoylogan

How do you get past code gates?

21 Apr 2015 gloomy85

Study Guide. Press F5 to reload the page and you should see it

21 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

I've been thinking of something similar, except instead of Adjusted Chronotype and Gene Conditioning Shoppe just Aesop's Pawnshop to sell the Beach Party when you're done with it, and some Starlight Crusade Funding to stack a few doubles on one turn. Never leave either out for more than one turn at a time.

If you want more Power Nap fuel, Eureka! is another Double, and works alright with Test Run to get discounts on big breakers.

21 Apr 2015 solaris187

Whats the reasoning for using Haley as the runner in this deck? You do not have a ton of programs or hardware to install to gain any real value from her ability. Wouldn't switching to Kate or Kit provide a more active ID?

21 Apr 2015 gloomy85

@PaxCecilia That's great idea. I think I have to test it out and see how Aesop's Pawnshop will work out in this deck.

@solaris187 Hayley's ability also work for resource

24 Apr 2015 krystman

Love this deck! It's so much fun!

I feel like this deck needs 1x Capstone. That way you can get rid of unwanted Beach Party, Self-modifying Code and Comet on your second run through.

24 Apr 2015 che4p

Capstone sound really cool, but the space ! getting rid of named card would be amazing. What to cut thou?

24 Apr 2015 krystman

@che4p Did some more testing. This needs a 2nd Adjusted Chronotype anyway. If you party out to draw half of the deck and it's still not there you will nose dive.

Would probably drop the Wanton Destruction and the All-nighter. Go with traditional HQ pressure.

25 Apr 2015 gloomy85

@krystman Thanks for the comments. Glad that you like the deck. Love your Youtube videos! With PaxCecilia's suggestion, I cut a Dirty Laundry for a Pawnshop so I can go up to multiple Beach Party for Game Day then pawn one of them off the next turn. This may also give you a chance to toss out some unwanted cards. Capstone is also an interesting idea.

Dropping Wanton Destruction for 2nd Adjusted Chronotype is also a good idea. I just like the idea of Wanton Destruction with All-Nighter.

I have been playing around with the breaker suite. I switch Switch Blade for Dagger and Snowball for Corroder. It is weak against Komainu but make the deck able to apply pressure earlier.

I guess there are more testings to do!

28 Apr 2015 Syntax

This is fine...

I think I played against this with changes yesterday.

  • There was silencer, express delivery instead of the wanton.
  • +at least one SoT
  • +at least one Aesop
  • +at least one Refractor
  • +some PPvP (I think 2)
  • I don't remember seing that much R&D-I, Comet, Beach Parties. I don't remember All-nigthers.

That was a real nigthmare.

28 Apr 2015 MTUCache

I've been working on a similar deck as well, and would love to hear your thoughts on the following ideas:

1.) Programs/Tutors - Currently you've got 3 1xbreakers, some support (Cloak/Ghost) and 2 tutors. I feel this is a little backwards, and completely vulnerable to getting Chronos'd. Why not go event-based on the tutors as well, and beef up your doubles game at the same time? Using a Test Run and Eureka! combo gets you 3 more doubles for your Power Naps and also lets you install bigger breakers for essentially free (I'm testing with 2 each of Cerberus "Lady" H1 , Torch, and Femme Fatale, all of which run as or more efficient than your suite and get installed for free after a Eureka. Normally a combo like this would be sketchy at best, but when you're running 3 of each and have a 1/4 to a 1/3 of your stack in-hand it doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to pull. Also, Test Run works out of your heap as well, so you can freely discard your programs and pull them back out instead of relying on Levy.

2.) If you're willing to go with 1-offs or 2-offs of your resource combos, why are you running 3xComet? To my mind the importance of these pieces would be (in order) Beach, Chronotype, Comet, Starlight, and then Shoppe, right? You're already using 9 of your card slots for this mix, and adding in a Capstone or two just makes it worse in a deck with this much draw. 2 Beaches and then 1 copy of each of the rest and you can slim your deck down to a CT identity AND still see them all within 2-3 turns after you get your first Beach/GameDay pull (assuming multiple SOTs or Dejas). Aggressively mulliganing for a Beach/draw/$ starting hand and you should have a 44% chance of pulling one in your opening hand. Seeing a Beach first turn over 50% of the time if you have at least one draw card in that hand.

3.) Multi-Access - This is where my build really suffers. With enough money you can always punish remotes mercilessly, but you're never really digging quickly enough to shorten the game to work within your 2 Levys (especially if you play them early to avoid Chronos). Even with 3 Levys, you can run through your stack three times before the corp has much pressure to install agendas in remotes rather than just discard and Jackson them back through. The 2 RDIs are a big incentive for them to play faster. Medium may be another option, but I'm not sure it would be any more effective.

4.) ID - I really like Hayley's ability, but the more I built towards it (extra resources, replicator, clone chips, RDI), the more I got away from the idea of an event-based Doubles/Comet deck. I ended up going away from Hayley to CT, just to get the more efficient draw, even if it cost me a couple extra clicks. I've seen builds that definitely utilize Hayley's ability well, I just don't know how well they work with a burst/double money engine.

Anyway, those are my thoughts after putting together a similar doubles-deck with a Shaper ID. The extra hand size is very re-assuring against flatline decks, and with all this draw you can be set up pretty quickly, but a very methodical glacier deck seems like it would be a tough nut to crack before you ran through your burst econ the second (or even third) time.

28 Apr 2015 MTUCache

Sorry, forgot to add one more: The slimmer I got this deck, the more burst econ I packed into it, I never felt like I was running out of clicks to make my 1 run per turn. I've got it at the point now where I'm almost considering taking out the Starlight/Chronotype/Shoppe combo entirely and just paying the click for the Beach. The Lucky Finds and Power Naps are still worth the $ you get even as doubles (especially with Comet). Having 3-6 cards in the deck to get an extra click or two per turn feels somewhat restrictive when I could just pay the install cost for a Beckman if I really needed it... If I'm using those extra clicks to play a Diesel or a Game Day, I'm not getting that much further ahead of an Earthrise.

I don't know yet. More testing required definitely, but it's starting to feel like there's just too many pieces here to try and put together when you should be busy running. It's a very cute deck idea, but you quickly run out of deck-space. Yes, you can make a crap-ton of money, but it's not like you're getting THAT much faster or more efficient than a 3xOpus deck. Maybe I just haven't found the optimum ratio of draw/$/run yet, but the ceiling on this build doesn't feel any higher than other engines that are already running pretty well. shrug

29 Apr 2015 gloomy85

@MUTCache Thanks for the comments. I will try to answer it one by one

1.) I guess you could do Test Run/Eureka. However, the deck is already slow. I don’t know if that will make the deck even slower and more susceptible to bad draws.

2.) Yea you’re right about the 3x comet. I went down to 2 in my newest version.

3.) I think RDI is probably your best option unless you find the influence for Medium or Keyhole. I find no problem with RDI. I can R&D lock pretty well and if I miss a few card then I can always Wanton.

4.) I also have a CT version of this deck which is a bit faster than this version. I can’t decide which one I like better. I like this version due to the Wanton Destruction.

As for your comment for taking out the Starlight/Chronotype/Shoppe combo, I thought the same thing as you. There is a lot to setup, sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. I guess it is just a different econ engine for Shaper than Opus, PPVP or ProCon+Kati. I think the main problem with this engine is the speed and consistency. With my newest version, I actually cut Beach Party for Public Sympathy and took out Shoppe completely. It actually made the deck a lot faster and consistent.

21 Jun 2015 cassonetrunner

I came up with a similar deck, but I have to admit, is not working out. Definitely this version have too many pieces, and stealth on top of that is only make it overcomplicate. My deck just use beach/chrono and even this way it's not reliable (even tried x3 chronotypes). You just find ureself wasting clicks gravedigging ur whole stak looking for that missing card, and even when u find it, it's not this big deal. I mean, u got an huge hand , but is filled whit usless cards like copies of beach/chrono, and u can't play them all anyway, even with comet.

Sure, drawing 10 card is satisfing, but u can't really capitalize on that because many of them are just other drawers (u need at least some quality time to find the combo quikly enaught) and it's kinda hard to strip ur hand again to maximize the value of the second gameday (found a nice solution to this in personal workshop, wich allows u to get rid of cards while earning u money and make the breakers disposable hardcasting them previously). There aren't just enaught economy event in the card pool to make it worth. Power nap, tbh, without starlight, is pretty bad, how much does it earn you on average? I mean, not that ideal spot where u got all the doubles in heap... I don't think that its late game (or should i say late- deck? lol) potential make up for its ineffectiveness early.

I play 2x test run instead the smc, man , u can't really play 1x breaker suite without recursion! I know there's Levy, but remill ur whole deck just to recurr a program is an utterly inefficient solution. Finally, this deck lack of a real proupose, once the stuff is on the table, what is gonna do? The money is not limitless and it can't indefinitly run trough the ice wall the corp had all the time to set up with just a couple of rdi as its only weapon.

22 Jun 2015 MTUCache

The hand-emptying is easy enough, with Capstone (you can discard as many as you want, you only get a draw for copies of those installed)...which also helps you fill up you heap with doubles you can't use atm, but the deck space is rough to carve out and you'll just end up ripping through your deck and LARLAing two or three times before you have a really scary pile of money. For as much trouble as it is, just Opus and save 15+ spots in your deck...

23 Jun 2015 cassonetrunner

Considered capston, but it has not many target. You can discard anyway but i don't think it's a great value, u add a usless card to get rid off usless card...