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danmwilson 152

Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman and Study Guide is an obvious combination. So is including recurring credits to boost study guide. But Data Dealer? A 9 credit swing in one click is nothing to be sneezed at, and the goal is really that the corp doesn't have the agendas. They lose if they can't score out. It also provides Midseasons, Punitive, SEA Source protection, by stealing an agenda and then immediately selling it.

1 May 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm assuming you think you are protected from Punitive Counterstrike because the agenda points for which you are being punished are no longer in your score area. the card text says "on agendas [the runner] stole," and the forfeit mechanic removes its targets from play. This would cause PC to "lose it's target(s)." I'm not sure this is correct, and seems against the spirit of the rules, but hell if I know. That said I think Data Dealer is an underused card and I'm excited to see it here, combo or not.

Let's talk about other stuff.

You have 3x Study Guide and 6 stealth . That is sick, for sure. Why not squeeze in a single Refractor, though? In the early game it'll give you the aggression you want cheaper, and you can tutor it easily.

Special Order is an interesting choice given you are in Shaper and running SMC. You could just as easily run Test Run. They are equivalent, but Test Run costs you 2 more to defer the cost to your next turn. However, you are running Kit with her awful 10 influence limit, and 4 of that is tied up in your pair of Special Orders. I'm not saying you should replace them, but maybe think really hard about what you could use the influence for if you remove them. Looking at you, Parasite, Legwork and Femme Fatale + Faerie.

Most of my suggestions don't leave you with enough card slots. I'd recommend going down to 1x Paintbrush, 1x Magnum Opus and 1x Toolbox. You really don't need them right away with all your sources of , and if you run Test Run you can tutor what you need (plus you have a ton of draw).

1 May 2015 Wolfknight

Yeah Data Dealer is nowhere a protection from Midseasons or Punitive, why you would even mention SEA Source since only a successful run is necessary is beyond me. However, both cards say stolen during your turn, it doesn't matter if the agenda is still in your score area.

2 May 2015 danmwilson

To clarify, the idea behind data dealer providing protection was that you could get 9 credits to beat whatever trace was inevitably heading your way, not that it would turn off the conditions for Midseasons or Punitive.

I've played a few games so far and I'm thinking about replacing the Special Orders and Stimhacks with two Spoons. Possibly some recursion for them as well. I was very surprised at how game-changing Escher was. I've used it every game I've played and every time it was devastating.

I think you're also right about Paintbrush, I definitely don't need three of those.