NEXT King of England v6

magikot 1976

The sixth version of my King of England deck is the strongest yet.

The NEXT/Grail suite is incredibly synergistic making runs taxing and painful for the runner. This is further augmented by ITD.

Crisium grid + Turing shuts down a lot of AI strategies.

Adonis, Hedge Fund, and Peak Efficiency make up the core economy package which is supplemented by the Melange. A turn or two clicking Melange will keep your economy strong.

ABT and Eden are pure money makers in this deck. You will be getting large ice towers so Eden will save you tons of credits.

Hades and Jackson help to recur your economy and any ice lost to parasites.

Basic game plan is to rush out an early ABT or two in a secured remote. Then sit behind your ice walls powering up your IT department until you can score a 5/3.

6 May 2015 aero

This has consistently been a great deck, and so fun. I assume Mother over Excalibur for consistency with NEXT ice?

6 May 2015 PaxCecilia

That's a nasty spread of Ice, a few single ETR's for early and a bunch of multi-sub ETR's for later makes ITD so much more powerful. Good luck D4v1d, you'll need it.

You marvelous bastard.

6 May 2015 magikot

@ratamacube Correct. Excalibur was in the earlier versions of the deck, but I never felt it really pulled its weight. Mother Goddess on the other hand has been consistently stellar. Early game she provides scoring windows because of her Mythic typing if she's the only one rezzed (something I will do from time to time, allowing R&D access). Then at every stage of the game she makes the NEXT ice stronger.

6 May 2015 aero

What caused the change back to three ABT?

6 May 2015 banthabolt

This is similar to a deck I've been messing around with. I don't have Architect or Melange, but did add in Will-o'-the-Wisp and Biotic Labor. I'm going to give this one a try tonight as I love NEXT Suite.

6 May 2015 magikot

@ratamacube consistency and speed mostly. Seven agendas meant that games were often going to time and the deck was getting timed wins. It was a glacier deck in every sense of the word. By swapping to the ABT (something that I was against before due to my sheer bad luck with it), gave the deck a little speed. It's now moves at the speed of a turtle instead of a glacier.

@banthabolt let me know how it works for you, I hope you enjoy it. :) It has been a lot of fun to play and a serious contender in the current meta.

@PaxCecilia Marvelous Bastard Magikot has a nice ring to it!

6 May 2015 sruman

Given 10 etr ice (and potentially 15), I'm surprised to see Turing get the nod over both Eli and 3rd Architect. Is it the anti-eater aspect? Ice Suite makes total sense to me except for a 3-of for Turing.

6 May 2015 magikot

I've had Eli in past versions of the deck, he didn't perform very well. Without the additional bioroid support he was too porous. Also, a lot of decks now drop a mimic early and start face checking making a 3rd architect as much a liability as an asset. I found Turing gave ample scoring windows early and shuts down Eater.

6 May 2015 cmcadvanced

Turing is great to protect IT. If they spend all the clicks, you can score your agenda in the remote. It's 5 str, eating up a d4v1d by itself, at only 4 cost. I based an IT deck around your previous build, and I'm going to see if this one isn't as awesome. :D

7 May 2015 xarlstaunzund

How would Executive Boot Camp do here? Have you tried that previously?

7 May 2015 magikot

@xarlstaunzund I had it back in version 3 when I first added the IT Department. It was strong, but not great. The main reason being that NEXT only has 12 influence and with the Grail suite taking up so much of that EBC has to be amazing. Architect and Jackson do a very good job of finding what you need when you need it.

@cmcadvanced I'm glad you enjoyed the previous builds. I remember your suggestion back on v4 to drop the Elis. It was a good suggestion that improved v5. I hope you enjoy this one even more. I'd love to see what my old version inspired you to make!

8 May 2015 gandrasch

Why would you choose Next Design over Foundry for a grail/next ice deck? Are the 3 starting ice worth the 3 influence plus card draw?

8 May 2015 magikot

I've always wanted to make a next deck that was competitive and started working on this concept before foundry was spoiled iirc. Foundry is great and helps smooth out the beta tests, but I found I enjoyed the way the deck performed in next more than I did in foundry.

8 May 2015 magikot

Also, I found the starting speed of NEXT is a huge boon. The Foundry ratchets up the speed over time with more rezzes, but those initial 4-6 clicks you get out of the ID are massive.

22 May 2015 omgitsblake

I'm making an edit of this deck and I was wondering what you would choose if you had to lose an Adonis Campaign or an ICE (probably -1 Turing)?

4 Jun 2015 magikot

@omgitsblake I would lose a Turing before an Adonis.