NBN (MN) - Fast adv (Deck from Single Core set)

Trypios 1907

Just like everyone else, I started learning to play A:NR with Jinteki Vs. Kate (as the rulebook suggests). I played too many games as corp only with a single runner friend (playing Kate of course) and I always felt so poor. Not many ways to make credits other than clicking for it or Hedge Fund if I'm lucky enough, while on the other side there was a juicy Magnum Opus for up to 8cr per turn. Frustrated as I was, I started researching for my first deckbuilding. Rules were simple enough regarding Agendas and Influence, but I still couldn't make my core Jinteki deck rich enough. How can I protect myself if I can't pay 4 for a Snare! or advance a Project Junebug? I figured Jinteki mindgames are not for beginners and went exploring other factions. The glacier approach seems like the safest most reliable route, build an ICE fort and advance. HB] became my favorite, followed by Weyland. NBN feels very awkward, no traps for shell game, no money for big forts...lots of tags and little punishment....my mind couldn't even comprehend why would anybody play that ID out of the box.

It's the poorest corp with some of the best cards that can't even use because of low funds. Not enough ETR (end the run) ice and the runner roams free wherever he pleases. Then I noticed the best agenda in the whole game: AstroScript Pilot Program, it's a 3/2 with the best ability, better than Nisei MK II in my opinion. This faction is made for fast advance and there must be a way to make it work.

I splashed some extra economy (2x Beanstalk Royalties, 3x Adonis Campaign and some cheap to rez ice like Ice Wall. As the game progresses, Ice Wall can grow more powerful with the help of Matrix Analyzer.

NBN's shenanigans will begin mid game: - Score an Astro out of hand using Biotic Labor. - Score an Astro out of hand using SanSan City Grid - Score an agenda out of hand using SanSan City Grid & Astro tokens. - Let the runner swim in tags with the help of Data Raven, Hunter and Matrix Analyzer, and score an agenda from hand with Psychographics. - Score Breaking News on a SanSan City Grid and last click Close their Accounts. Or just simply score it from hand.

Anonymous Tip will help rush the pieces early.

A few pieces I left behind and why:

Should you want the extra BN, consider a couple of Archers to effectively lock the runner out of a server.

Most ice is cheap to rez, use the expensive Tollbooth for locking R&D and the scoring remote. Put something in front of it against Criminals because of Inside Job.

20 Aug 2015 FreqKing

New to the game. Going to try this out, thanks for the effort!

3 Sep 2015 Trypios

@FreqKing Awesome, tell me if it worked. I made the deck to introduce some friends to the NBN tactics, but never got to actually play it! I'm a hardcore HB fan concerning the core set.

26 May 2016 buzard

I'm trying to put together a folder with info to make learning the game easier for beginners. I'm looking for decks made with only a single core set. May I print out your single core decks and include them? You will be given the credit as well as the Netrunner DB as a reference source.

26 May 2016 Trypios

@buzardgo ahead mate

26 May 2016 buzard

Thanks much. This will really help out.

30 Oct 2016 deadlyblonde

Thanks for the explanation on the deck, no clue if it's good or not since I'm new (and a few Datapacks have come out since), but I like it as a base and learning!

15 Jun 2017 Trypios

I have to point out, that after the Astroscript errata, it's impossible to make an NBN deck from a single core deck.

3 Priority Requisitions, 3 Private Security Forces, 1 AstroScript Pilot Program and 2 Breaking News equals 19pts.

The core set doesn't include a 3rd copy of BN or any other legal agenda for NBN