Stabby FoxX - 1st at Bristol SC

Nemamiah 3913

This is a refinement of Asger's store championship winning deck posted earlier this week. Going in to Bristol I was mostly panicking about Corps and was resigned to maybe playing good stuff Criminal or a possibly slightly dubious Pirate reinterpretation, but then Asger published his list and, apart from an egregiously large deck size, I thought it looked extremely strong. Testing games are for wusses, so I theorycrafted some changes with a couple of friends (shout out to Alex and Tom) and that was that.

From Asger's list we lost Trope and Run Amok to get back to minimum deck size, judging them to be the least important cards in the deck. We then swapped Because I Can for a Turning Wheel, judging the former to be a bit too cute and central pressure to be a little bit lacking, at least in part because we cut Bhagat for Trickster Taka. That decision was made partly due to Taka fitting in to the strengths of the deck very neatly, but mostly because it meant we could say we were playing with Downfall cards. As an extra bonus it also made naming the deck easier. I won't be cross if you cut Taka and put Bhagat back in.

Anyway, the resulting deck felt really good. Crowdfunding is still a bananas card and this deck exploits it better than any other that I've seen. You have good to great matchups across the board, with maybe Argus being the only one that I'd really worry about.

The general flow of the deck is to build up econ and get Laamb down early. By about turn 7 or 8 you'll have trashed your entire deck, at which point things get pretty lictors ludicrous. Typically you'll play Rebirth, then Labor Rights for whatever piece you're missing (Turning Wheel or economy, usually), an ice destruction and another Labor Rights. The second and third Labor Rights then just get more ice destruction. If you're smart you can time things so the Crowdfundings draw the cards that you just 'shuffled' in.

Ice destruction should usually be spent to trash the remote first to stop a viable scoring plan, then a central (preferably HQ) to allow you to cheaply pillage Turning Wheel counters and recur Crowdfundings. Always try to have a Hippo down so that you can threaten the outer ice, but think carefully about actually popping it because they're limited and if you don't have one in play you're more liable to economy swap plays by the Corp. Once you've got Laamb down you're pretty good against rush, but you can struggle to find breakers early so might concede some points. Don't panic if that happens, this deck is very good at locking the game up even if it's 6-0 down.

Above all, major props to Asger for doing all the hard work in making such a slick deck, just so that I can change a few cards around and look smart.

24 Mar 2019 Swiftie

What would have been helpful is a breakdown of why some of the cards are good.

Alex's beard was also great.

24 Mar 2019 MrBuggles

So what you’re saying is, this is the new Dumblefork? Maxx = Wyldcakes, Laamb = Faust?

24 Mar 2019 twisty_b

and to think the Thameside laughed at me when I turned up with Engolo multi-Spooned Maxx.

(they were right to - that deck was terrible. this one is good though, and I'm going to play it loads.)

24 Mar 2019 TugtetguT

Regarding the decksize.

47 is a prime number.
These are a few synonyms for prime that I got off the internet: superb, supreme, flawless, choice, select, finest... Let's end further discussion.

If you do decide to play Knifey Canine again at a later time, but have grown more fearful of damage, might I suggest cutting a copy of TTW and adding Because I Can, a Megaphone Man and perhaps a Trope?

On a more serious note you can rebirth into Ed Kim: Humanity's Hammer which helps the Argus match-up a ton.

Also worth a mention that the general best order of rebirth is in fact Quetzal > Kim > Other Anarchs.

25 Mar 2019 qvm

I also won an SC with this, but at 46 cards. Clearly deck size and winning SCs is uncorrelated (for this deck). Someone try 48 cards for science!

25 Mar 2019 zmb

To spoil the science, Asger did in fact "only" win a GNK not a SC :-)

18 Apr 2019 Vortilion

I've tried this deck several times, but failed miserably each time. Problem is that Maxx always trashes the key cards for me (including the tutor), and without Levy I'll end up at a point where I have no chance of winning the game cause all my good cards are in the bin. :-(