... 100 tiny elephants or 1 building size baby?

Drago 366

Sick Rip!

I wish I could say such shenanigans was a one time affair at Worlds, but nope. Too many rounds went to the last credit, last card, last of my sanity!

Stuff in brief: 63rd day 2 (24th day 1)

  • wins against RP, Palana, Palana (very spiky), Biotec (also on murder)

  • loses against Argus and Argus

  • 6.3/10 might Shaper again, send money and Feedback Filter

Anyway, not a lot to talk about in the Smoke shell, but how did it come to this? Well two weeks out I just wasn't enjoying 419: Amoral Scammer. As I was pretty sure I wanted Film Critic Shaper seemed the way to go, and Ele "Smoke" Scovak: Cynosure of the Net seemed easier to get my head around than Hayley.

The main topic of debate in the Bristol meta was Stargate versus Khusyuk. @Goeshi was strongly in favour of Stargate while I disliked the memory problems it created and favoured Khusyuk. His belief coupled with slots pressure saw me switch up the week of worlds.

My only remaining, and continuing. issue - setting it all up. I desperately wanted one more draw card, to the point where there was a midweek debate on the merits of Patron. All I can say is that I believe the building size baby was stronger than 100 tiny elephants. Better still, 'consulting the baby' made everyone laugh!

Set up was still an issue; in the Argus games I either had the tools but money cards dried up or had the money but couldn't find the tools; classic Shaper fun.

If I was taking the same decks again, I'd align with @Goeshi's deck and drop the Clot. I was constantly scrambling to control the remote, and a Stimhack would have made my life easier after dropping Stargate.

+1 Peace in Our Time +1 Stimhack-1 Symmetrical Visage perhaps.