[TWA] Oaktown Funk you Up!

DonutTaganes 2522

This deck is all about forcing the early remote.

Use your ID ability and the many operations to get your economy rolling early. Caduceus defends centrals at the beginning of the game, as do Enigma and Meru Mati.

Wormhole uses the subs off Archer, Negotiator and Rototurret, or the ETR Ice.

If you can get a Wormhole in front of a Fire Wall on a remote, that's a lot of tax early for most runners to deal with.

The real star of the deck is Oaktown Renovation. Being able to boost your credits by advancing behind powerful ICE makes for a massively favourable mid game.

Scorched Earth package is there to keep runners honest.

Caprice Nisei can sit in your scoring server, as can Ash 2X3ZB9CY, and having one of each means you can have both rezzed if you need to.

The one of Corporate Town can really hurt some runners in the first 5 turns by hitting key resources, or can drain them of 5 if they pre-emptively trash, or can stop them playing resources at all!

22 Jun 2015 kmatz84

I really like the looks of this. Have you tested it much? I'm also curious about the use of Negotiator, I've never used it much but I suppose its good for an early tax/ Wormhole resolve?

23 Jun 2015 vor_lord

I put together a deck that was very similar coincidentally last night. After looking at yours, I shifted my ice composition to look much more like this, and add the scorch package.

23 Jun 2015 Glitch29

I'm not sure there's a reason to be playing BaBW hear, instead of one of the only T1 Weyland ID in Blue Sun: Powering the Future. Alternately, I could see you porting this list to Blue Sun: Powering the Future or possibly even Blue Sun: Powering the Future. The power level of Blue Sun: Powering the Future is pretty high, so you'll probably end up with that sort of list, but I'd be tempted to try first whether Blue Sun: Powering the Future will work for your needs.

23 Jun 2015 mkcontra

Little Engine is really effective for early remotes in this sort of deck, it seems. Caprice for 2 of them still gives you 1 late-game blocking asset in Ash, and is probably less expected out of Weyland than a big barrier. Weyland rush!

23 Jun 2015 DonutTaganes

@kmatz84 Yeah I've tested it quite a bit, and Oaktown has been absolute MVP. A lot of it is still in flux, I'm still trying out a number of newer cards to see how they play and whether they bring enough to the strategy (Corporate Town and Negotiator as two examples).

So far, Negotiator has been okay, and sometimes those extra Trash 1 Program subs are just what you need to provide food for your Wormhole-Fire Wall server.

@mkcontra - Caprice is amazing in the deck and I would be reluctant to replace her with ICE - even ICE that fits as well as Little Engine does! Wormhole does a reasonably similar job, admittedly at a higher price, but Little Engine is certainly worth trying :)

24 Jun 2015 JohnnyMilton

I love this. After your Weyland article a while ago, I was wondering whether you were done with Weyland. It seems that you've pushed those less effective tools aside only to better understand Jack's vision. Nice work Jesse!

24 Jun 2015 Ber

I'm interested to hear how much work Corporate Town has done for you? I can certainly see it really putting the brakes on runners using Daily Casts / Earthrise / Liberated Accounts / Career Fair econ package, or ProCo.

24 Jun 2015 vor_lord

@Ber would you forfeit an agenda to kill a daily casts or an earthrise? I was thinking to go after the Supplier or Kati.

24 Jun 2015 Ber

@vor_lord I don't know. I'm interested in hearing from the OP if they've had a chance to use against a deck like this and how it felt.

But I'll try to answer your question. I don't think I would forfeit an agenda to simply take out one DC or Earthrise. But if I could install it behind an Enigma or Caduceus and have it likely in play for a fair few turns after taking out one of those resources, then yeah I'd consider it. Imagine that Whizzard 'L4J' deck being unable to use any resources, it would be crippled.

1 Jul 2015 b3ar

I like it. Going to try it. Does Spiderweb have a place in this deck? Maybe in place of the Caduceus?

1 Jul 2015 DonutTaganes

@b3ar you are a person after my own heart. Spiderweb will certainly be making an appearance, probably in place of one or two Caduceus and maybe an Enigma.

Negotiator has also been replaced with 1X Enigma and 1X Wormhole as it just wasn't performing as well as I would have hoped.

@Ber - Corporate Town has been really awesome. Having the ability to proactively hurt the runner's development without them making any runs is just so strong. It takes a bit of setup, but the payoff is definitely worth it!

6 Jul 2015 rojazu

I have been doing well with this deck of late (7-1) with the following post chrome modifications +2 spiderweb -2 negotiator.

The only loss came to a new Kate Faust/e3/personal touch deck (couldnt quite assemble the kill in time), which makes me wonder if the rototurret influence might be better spent on a wraparound (for AI decks) or Eli (because its just great), in either case taxing more lady counters is lovely.

7 Jul 2015 DonutTaganes

Glad you're enjoying it @rogedavi! I've slipped in the 2X Spiderweb too.

In a post-Faust metagame, it may be worth throwing that last influence at an anti-AI card, but I've really enjoyed Roto. It is the perfect friend for Wormhole, and it can sometimes just get people who don't expect it out of Weyland.

How have you been finding Corporate Town?

7 Jul 2015 rojazu

Fiendishly good. Its gaining tempo and extending the corps phase of the game, once rezzed they have to deal with it (if resources are critical to their game) and the rez to trash cost ratio means that it often either opens up a scoring window or switches on the scorch maths in your favour.

Whatsmore its just an evil card, and as a corp thats where I want to be at.

Keep up the good work with the podcast, listening every week from Tokyo!

7 Jul 2015 DonutTaganes

@rogedavi - Thank you! It means so much to get positive feedback like that :) Glad the Corporate Town has been working for you too. I've been really enjoying it!

9 Jul 2015 kmatz84

@DonutTaganes Do you think Batty has a place in this deck at all?

12 Jul 2015 razortoy

I like this deck a lot. I'm trying to find room for a Contract Killer in here, have you tested it out yet?

20 Jul 2015 rojazu

Took this to the store championship in Tokyo (paired with the seamus's stealth kit) and won it, 12 players 4 rounds of swiss. Overall record 7-1 my only loss was with my corp to another faust deck. I definitely think that is the key weekness with the deck. Ive think that swordsman is the right answer, its anto AI, its still 1 influence, its more parasite resilient and wormhole loves it.

Anyway, props for bringing back core weyland ive had a blast playing it!

21 Jul 2015 DonutTaganes

@rogedavi - Glad it worked out well for you! Swordsman is definitely an option, and given the high density of ETR Ice, it should be manageable. I predict we'll see lots of Parasite and AI in the next little while, so Swordsman could be better placed than Roto.

I've also gone up to two Archer, which I think will help keep the Trash 1 Program sub alive for Wormhole once Roto is cut.

In my latest build, I've also reallocated the Roto influence and 1 Green Level Clearance to an Ichi 1.0, which might help, but Swordsman is a good option too.

@razortoy I haven't tried out Contract Killer - it might be better than Corporate Town given I've now gone up to two Archer, but the investment v payoff of Corporate Town is probably slightly better given that it sticks around and you don't have to spend clicks advancing it (and the Hostile you've scored has given you money anyway), and because it isn't limited to connections. However, the fact that Contract Killer can hit Kati without losing you the tempo of -1 agenda point and requiring the Hostile score before it's active, is certainly worth considering!

@kmatz84 - it's possible that the Caprice and Ash could be 2 Battys, but I do love that Caprice hangs around. That being said, if you can get a trash program sub in the remote with Batty it can be pretty insane when you trash their killer using Batty and then the rest of their rig with the Archer/Ichi. Either would probably accomplish a similar end, but Caprice has better synergy with the ETR ICE and Batty better synergy with the destroyers.